Aquarius: A New Isotonic Sports Drink In Asia Essay


Aquarius is a new isotonic sports drink launched in Asia at the year 2012 by The Coca-Cola Company. Aquarius was introduced in Japan in year 1983 as a grapefruit flavored sports drink as a response to compete for market share with other isotonic sports drinks such as Pocari Sweat,H2O and 100plus.Aquarius was also the official sports drink for Olympics game in Barcelona in 1992 and 2012.As it’s a new launch product in Asia, there’s a need to create awareness to enable consumer to know and have a better understanding about this product.

Aquarius is not only an isotonic drink that is able to replenish health but also contains various minerals such as Potassium, vitamins B3, B12, B6 and Guarana.

Target Audience

With the knowledge of psychographic characteristics is used to describe and identify customers and prospective customers and to aid in developing strategies designed to appeal to specific segments of the market for Aquarius. Aquarius is created to target sports and health cautious consumers as there is a raise in health awareness as people are leading in a more health cautious behavior.

Exercise had become a more regular routine and Aquarius is the right isotonic drink to replenish and crunch thirst after a good workout.

Thoughts and Feelings

Consumers are able to trust Aquarius as it is a product from a reputational beverage company The Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola had been a leading beverage brand in the market; with a good history background it created trust in its products. Aquarius is an official isotonic drink for Olympics 1992 and 2012. With such a massive event and being the official drink had proven its value and gain trust in the market. Well known athletic had consume Aquarius during the game had given it trust on the brand.

Objectives and Measures

The objective of Aquarius is to become the leading isotonic drink in the market. Measures can be achieved by conducting personal interviews, focus group interviews or conduct public survey to measure how recognized is the brand to consumers.

Behavioral Outcome

Aquarius would become a brand recall, a brand that will imprint in a person mind. As Aquarius is targeting sporty and health cautious consumers, therefore after a workout or they feel like getting a soft drink to ease the thirst, Aquarius will be the number one brand they will think of and reach out for.


Television advertisement, sports events and sports and health magazines will be heavily advertising Aquarius to promote this product as it is new in Asia. Asia marketing would be on a heavier focus. Aquarius must be easily available, places such as school; stadiums, drinks stores, vending machines and supermarkets will be carrying Aquarius. Pricing plays an important role; it will be sold at an affordable rate. A slogan can be proposed such as Always Energized, this create a catchy term for people to have deeper impression of Aquarius isotonic drink. A striking logo to imprint in person mind, whenever consumer sees similarity will easily associate to Aquarius.


A marathon run that held island wide can be a campaign to promote Aquarius. Proposal like Aquarius run which is held and official drink will Aquarius. Aquarius logo can be printed on the goodies bag and other merchandised included. By holding this event, it can create awareness and publicity, participants also get the chance to taste Aquarius and feel its benefits. Celebrity endorsement is also recommended, by getting a sporty and well known celebrity such as Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is a well know international artiste and also an athletic, with his martial arts history and stunt act. He would be a good choice to endorse Aquarius. It will gain attraction and create notice of the brand in Asia or globally.

Nitty Gritty Details

The deadline for client is 13 December 2012 as client had a month to consider and get back. The budget for the production would be estimated at Eight hundred thousand dollars, this include marathon events and celebrity endorsement fee.

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