Applying for English literature Essay

I was in my junior school when I decided that gender would not be a bar against my pursuit of knowledge, acquisition of a college degree and a doctorate in my future life. I am in the threshold of that final objective and that is why I am applying for this program in Winthrop University. My training and experience at the English Department of Girls’ Arts College in Saudi Arabia have given me enough confidence and provided a foundation for higher studies in English literature.

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Applying for English literature Essay
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I wish to pursue my higher education in the field of English Literature in Winthrop University because the tantalizing taste of this in my under graduation has made me crave for more. A systematic . introduction to this field was provided in my undergraduate college course at Saudi Arabia, where I could get a bird’s eye view of the history of literature, the social history of England, different literary forms, origin of words of the language, and also the study of some works of Literature pertaining to different ages.

The study of Literature , according to me ,is not only a veritable treat to the lover of fantasy, but is also a treatise in profound truths, dealing with people at large and will never cease to fascinate the reader on account of its infinite variety. A child is fascinated by fairy tales and loves to wander into an imaginary world of escapism that it understands likes whatever is relevant to its mind.

On the other hand, the study of literature provides the same route of escapism to the adult, who on the one hand seeks solace in appreciation of nature, in an imaginary realm of total make-believe and on the other hand is also privy to the working of the human mind. My undergraduate program in Arts College Saudi Arabia has paved way for an appreciation of Literature but I desire to get into an in-depth study of the plays of Shakespeare, the nature poetry of the Romantic age and the dynamic fiction of Modern Age.

There were periods of transition and literature has evolved from time to time, reflecting the changing moods of society and nature of men and women. As a person who has come from Saudi Arabia, I am an admirer of women go-getters and that is the reason for my fondness for Shakespeare’s Portia or Jane Austen’s heroines who combine an iron will and determination and courage in the gentle cloak of a woman. I wish to acquire a Masters’ in English Literature and thereafter do research and get a Doctorate in this subject.

This study of literature is ideally suited to my temperament and all that it calls for is extensive reading and an instinctive appreciation of the beauty of the English language and the power of word play. This word play, sentence construction coupled with the versatility of theme and action has made me an avid reader of Shakespeare’s plays. While I have been able to recognize and admire the craftsmanship of great playwrights, poets and novelists I still feel inadequate because I am unable to fully comprehend the import of the messages.

A higher education in Winthrop University would not only aid me in understanding the nuances of Literature but would provide me with lessons for life, because Literature is but a depiction of this changing world and is a looking glass through varying periods of evolution. I am a person who wants to be a trend setter and prove to the world that my under graduation in Saudi Arabia has instilled a love for the subject of English Literature and has motivated me enormously in seeking to specialize in this.

I love this study of English Literature and have repeatedly read select plays of Shakespeare like’ The Merchant of Venice’’, “Macbeth”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and also the romantic novels of Jane Austen. While I am dumbstruck by the imagery and the beautiful analogies of Shakespeare’s tragedies, I am endlessly fascinated by the strength of character of his heroines.

They are my role models and I am convinced that a detailed study, analysis and an advanced appreciation of Literature would add to my insights, render a greater understanding of human beings, and would enrich my life. As opposed to hard toiling in a physics or a chemistry laboratory, this world of literary escapism would not only suit my nature but would benefit me because it would provide me with the opportunity of enhancement of knowledge ,. n improvement of my language skills , and an enjoyable escape route from the mundane tasks of this world. ‘’Reading maketh an exact man’’ and I wish to hone my skills in discerning truth from fantasy and work on my powers of expression. Science is an objective study of different species and phenomenon, but literature is a portrayal of characters and delves deep into the human mind and describes in the course of a play or novel the workings of the human mind in its absolute magnitude.

This is why we have a Macbeth, a Hamlet, a Portia, or a Jane and Emma and the innumerable characters of different playwrights and novelists. There is no end to originality and it is Literature alone that can give such a wide scope for subjective interpretations. There is nothing right or wrong but it is one’s own interpretation and expression of that perception that is valued by our evaluating professors.

This is the primary reason for my love for the subject and I know that I am going to be evaluated for my reading and understanding of a particular piece of literature. Literature , while introducing the reader to different facets of human personality , provides a fringe benefit of excellent articulation of one’s thoughts because this is one subject where no student is condemned for giving a novel answer and the student is let loose in an imaginary world , that invites his unique appreciation of the subject.

However, the complete understanding of great pieces of Literature can be acquired better through a systematic training, and guidance of eminent professors and experts in the field would go a long way in helping a person appreciate this better. This is another reason for my applying for this program. I love to read poetry and am transported to the world of Wordsworth and Keats but it would benefit me if I am systematically taught the technicalities of this literary form.

The figures of speech and literary devices are highlighted by professors who help us appreciate not only the general idea but also the poet’s skill in the use of the language. Milton’s “ Paradise Lost” would be different when read with the expert guidance of a professor. Personally, my great love for the subject has induced the motivation and determination to seek advanced programs in English Literature and I am confident that I will come out in flying colors. Masters’ in Winthrop University would prepare me for my Doctorate program in this field and I am certain to succeed in that ultimate aim .

I can put in long hours of study and reading and have also been given the necessary basic training to do comparative studies between plays, novels, poems, characters, themes rendering of action and the evolution of plots. This systematic training has instilled within me an instinctive aptitude to study different aspects of a character in a piece of Literature and it has become such a habit with me that I look for analysis of a plot or character even while engaged in light reading[eg while reading a Mills and Boon Romance] or while watching a film.

My short term career goal is to excel in my curriculum and get a creditable Masters’ and this would be the stepping stone to my Doctorate degree in Literature. Diligence, focused performance and determination to succeed are the only features of my character that I would fall back on for achieving this ideal of mine.

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