Apart from being a writer Rizal is still a student Rizal never Essay

Apart from being a writer, Rizal is still a student. Rizal never got his doctorate in medicine because never submitted his doctoral thesis and so he is never a doctor. He only requested for the licentiate degree with the help of Julio Lorente who paid for it, Rizal had to be content with a certified copy of what he requested eight years after graduation.

Dona Teodora’s eye condition encouraged Rizal to specialize ophthalmology, he went to Paris to learn from dr.

Louis de Wecker after getting his licentiate in philosophy and letters on June 1885. Rizal earned the respect and affection by Dr. de Wrecker and his colleagues in clinic. But, there was this confusion where in he went to a famous old university town to continue his ophthalmological studies under the supervision of Otto Becker, he is well reknowned but not on the same level as Doctor Wecker in Paris.

Seeing the female Germans who aren’t afraid of men and prioritize substance over appearcane made Rizal think that why can’t Filipina do the same? Females during his time were into luxurios clothes and not education.

Rizal thought that there would be no reason for Filipinos to envy these Germans only if they educate themselves, both men and women could have been a bunch of intellectuals.

The Noli had two forerunners as a Filipino novel which are “La Loba negra” by Padre Burgos and “Ninay” by Paterno. Padre Burgos greatly influenced Rizal, in fact the “Loba” can be seen on some parts of Rizal’s first novel however Rizal’s novel is more of the reality compared to the latter. The Ninay by Paterno would be more parallel with the Noli. The similarities between the two plots is obvious since the there is a character of the Noli have a correspondent of the other just like Berto is El?as in the Noli; Carlos, Ibarra; Ninay, Mar?a Clara and etc. The biggest catch about Noli is no one remembers its plot except the vague terms, the plot’s problem is that it is theatrical. The main characters are stereotypes of the story which are Ibarra and Elias are representation of the two sides of Rizal, it is Rizal debating with himself. The other characters were recognized by Rizal’s contemporaries and it was confirmed when Rizal said that many of the characters were his friends and relatives. Also in this novel, Rizal goes to the extreme when he blames everything to the friar. The novel depicts that the friars were the main antagonist of the Phillippines for injustice, no progress nor reform are attributed to them. Rizal had no personal convictions to the friars, in fact they shown extraordinary favor to the Rizals in leasing to the land in Pansol when they could have gave it to other people. The trouble between Dominicans and the tenant, the influence of anti-clericalism and the analysis of the political situation led Rizal to blame the friars and to treat them as the real enemies of the country.

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