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What are the difficulties in using the “wall of separation” principle? 5. List and explain the circumstances when the Supreme Court has ruled that freedom of speech may be limited. 6. Define the “clear-and-present-danger test,” libel, preferred position, prior restraint, imminent danger, and symbolic speech. You may just want to put these straight onto your flashcards 7. Summarize the Supreme Court’s changing interpretations of how to protect both the due process rights of accused criminals and to preserve the safety of the community.

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Ap Nsl Essay
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Define the exclusionary rule and the “good faith exception. ”. Chapter 19 Reading Outline 1. What does the book say is the pertinent question regarding civil rights? 2. What were the strategies that black leaders followed in order to obtain civil rights? Once basic rights such as voting and integration had been obtained, what issues did civil rights leaders focus on? 3. Briefly outline the steps in the NAACP’s strategy in the fight against segregated schools and indicate the success they had in the courts and in implementing desegregation.

. What was the issue concerning desegregation vs. integration? How has this issue been resolved? 5. What were the four developments that made it possible to pass civil rights bills? 6. What accounts for the change in attitude in Congress towards civil rights issues from the 1960s to the present?

 How has the Supreme Court changed in its attitudes towards equal rights for women from the early 20th century to today? 8. What are the two standards the Court uses today to in considering sex discrimination cases? What is the debate between those who support “equality of result” and those who support “equality of opportunity”? 9. What are the criteria that the Supreme Court has adapted in defining strict scrutiny of any law involving racial preferences? 10. Briefly summarize the highlights of the government’s response to abortion.

How did activists for the disabled manage to get The Americans with Disabilities Act passed? 12. Briefly summarize what is included in the law and the objections that some have had to the law.

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