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AP Compare Essay During the 1450- 1800s, both the Spanish Empire and the Ottoman Empire were becoming powerful. Spain found the Americas while the Ottomans took over Constantinople. Both contained land which allowed Spain to focus on raw materials while the Ottoman Empire focused on expansion. Spain found the Americas which allowed Spain to find raw materials and help increase their economy.

The Spanish was able to dominate other Empires because they found the Americas. On the other hand, the Ottoman Empire started to expand across the region because they were able to take over Constantinople.

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Ap Compare Essay Essay
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This allowed the Ottoman Empire to become one of the world powers. As soon as Spain found the Americas, they focused on grabbing raw materials because it would allow them to dominate the world economy. This also allowed Spain to become richer and powerful.

However, as soon as the Ottoman Empire gained control over Constantinople, the Ottoman Empire knew they were able to expand their Empire because the Empire gained a lot of power which other countries were afraid of.

Spain’s empire building process was focusing on a merchant empire because they wanted to dominate the economy; however, the Ottoman Empire’s building process as focusing on strengthening their military force.

The Spanish lacked value as they focused on going to the Americas for almost everything like raw materials and natural resources. The Ottoman Empire government was corrupted which forced their military to maintain the Empire. Between the 1450- 1800s, both the Spanish and Ottoman were becoming the world’s powerful empire Spain and the Ottoman focused on different ideas, as Spain focused on merchant as Ottoman focused on strengthening military and expansion.

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