Antigone Character Analysis: Compassion Of Love For Her Brother Essay

In the stage play Antigone, Antigone’s drive and compassion for the love of her brother lead to the sacrifice of her own well-being and life. She gets through the harsh reality of what is destined for her with her set beliefs for what she is doing. She dies a brave death, knowing that she died for all of the right reasons. Antigone is a tragic heroine, who cares about the loyalty to her family and doing what is right in her eyes.

Because she has a strong stand on what she thinks is what she needs to do the negative thoughts from others don’t affect her decision to go through with it. When her sister Ismene and her were going back and forth about why she should and should not continue with the task, she disregards what Ismene says because in her mind she already has set what she wants to do and no one can possibly change that.

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Antigone Character Analysis: Compassion Of Love For Her Brother Essay
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Antigone shows how driven she is in many situations. “But I will bury him; and if I must die, I say that this crime is holy: I shall lie down With him in death, and I shall be as dear To him as he to me..” (Scene 2, lines 57-60). She is obviously very determined to accomplish the goal that she has set out for herself. These decisions she makes possibly set an example for other citizens of the community to see that is it okay to stand up for they believe in despite what society thinks isn’t right. Another character trait of Antigone is bravery. When knows the new law set by the new king Creon and still decides to go against it. Also questioning Creon’s authority, when arguing with him she technically insults him.

“Think me a fool, if you like; but it may well be that a fool convicts me of folly” (Scene 2, lines 83-84). By Antigone saying this alone, demonstrates how brave she is. To speak as such to the king was a mighty thing to do, coming from a citizen at that. Throughout the whole play Antigone stands by her word, which could be seen as another strong character trait that she has.

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