Anthropological Relevance Essay

Geneticist is currently working on the human genomes to identify difference genes that are available for selection between the Africans, the Asians and the European. Buoyed by the recent evolution evidence in China and Tibet, the article explains that populations living in Africa where life is believed to have been seeded have fewer genes up for selections than their European and Asian counterparts.

The explanation is that those who moved away from Africa might have acquired new genes as they adapted to the new environment.

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Anthropological Relevance Essay
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Geneticists believed that evolution is a continuous process and never cease as human continue to interact with different environments, and diets forcing them to acquire new genes which subsequently participates in natural selection. This would lead to differential skin colors, hair, sense of smell and many other adaptive features.

Anthropological Relevance

The common theme in this article is acquisition of new genes and their role in natural selection. The new genes that are acquired are very important in adaptation which is a very important concept in ecological anthropology.

The main theme however is the role of environment in human adaptation and survival. Genetic anthropologists have always relied on the Darwinian evolution theory to understand adaptation and natural selection in human development. Environment which is an integral part of evolution and ecological anthropology is quite exhausted in this article.


The finding in this article proves the theory that life was seeded in African. As explained in the article, every man originated from Africa and those who moved towards the North poles encountered a cold environment which forced their genomes to develop new adaptive genes. The adaptive genes were then used in natural selection and the population in the colder regions therefore developed features different from those who lived in tropical regions.

This explains the different in features like skin color and hair between Europeans and Africans. The different is also as a result of acquisition of new multiple genes by those who moved northwards which made them susceptible for further natural selection and retention of original genes by those who remained in tropical climate and therefore under few changes.

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