Answered! Write about the founder of 7up (DRINK) What did he dp to get into creative mood?…

Write about the founder of 7up (DRINK)

What did he dp to get into creative mood?

Was Is it always a succes when he started ?

Expert Answer

 The founder of 7up is CHARLES LEIPER GRIGG.

Charles Leiper Grigg was born on may11,1868 in Prices Branch,Missouri.He started working in the adverstising field when he was 22 and it was during those days he was introduced to the carbonated drinks through various agencies with whom he was partnered.The first soft drink invented by him was called whistle.At that time he was working as a salesman for a manufacturing company.After whistle got successful,he was given promotion as a marketing manager.But due to conflicts with the owner of the company,Grigg left his job.He then started working for Warner Jenkinson Company where he founded his second drink called howdy.Both howdy and whistle were orange flavoured drinks which faced tough competition from the orange crush.Orange crush became the ruler of orange drinks which made him drop his drinks.Fe focused on the lemon lime flavours.finally a lemon flavoured drink named bib label lithiated lemon lime soda was invented by him in 1929.The name finally settled to 7up in 1936.

Lithium citerate was used in 7up that was known to improve the mood of the customer.Grigg promoted his drink as the impacts on changing mood.Grigg told in an interview that he was failed 6 times while inventing this drink and they finally got the solution in their 7th attempt and that is why the name 7up.So he was not always successful.He faced many hurdles and challenges.

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