Answered! write about from a topic of your choice like it could be a movie reveiw, or case study or interview or speaker review about leadership or entrepreneurship…

write about from a topic of your choice like it could be a movie reveiw, or case study or interview or speaker review about leadership or entrepreneurship

like if u read a case about leadership or watch a movie about leadership or entreprneurship please write about it what u read or what u watch

Expert Answer

 I will discuss the movie Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) and about what leadership lessons I have learned from it. The main character of this movie, Po, is given an unexpected form of leadership when his teacher Shifu declares that he is not going to teach anymore and from now onwards, Po is the teacher. Po becomes confused and frightful of this new responsibility. As the movie progresses, Po meets his true father and along with him moves to his birthplace – the secret panda village knowing that his father knows the tricks of Chi which he finds to be a lie after sometimes. Po must form a battalion from these stupid, untrained pandas and fight the devil, Kai. How he does it is the main story. The movie was utmost interesting but what was more important to me was the leadership lessons that I gained from this movie.

First, the primary lesson to leadership is that one needs to come out of his comfort zone to become a true leader. Po agrees to move out of his comfort zone and goes on to miserably fail at his first class as a teacher. Though disheartened, and confused, he still persists and goes on to achieve greatness. Similarly, the higher the leaders progress in the hierarchy, the higher are the stakes, and thus the harder it is to risk failure. If leaders need to walk the talk and lead by example, then they must step of the comfort zone knowing the vulnerability to failure is integral to growth. Remembering Master Shifu’s statement will always hold us in good stead.

Second, the movie, at several times focuses on a question asked by Po – “Who am I?” In my opinion, this is another important thing for leadership. A leader must know his own strength and weakness quite accurately. He must understand his responsibility and ownership and must not blame others for failure.

Third, knowing that is it almost impossible to fight alone with Kai and that the team lacks confidence and skills required, Po focuses on the unique strengths of each team members and gains [competitive] advantages out of these strengths while fighting with Kai [competition]. Similar to this approach, a good leader never uses a particular formula to solve every kind of problems. He trusts in the abilities of his team members and after deeply knowing their strengths and weaknesses, formulates the strategy.

Finally, Po leads the team from the front and makes his hands dirty when the team fails or proves to get qualified in front of the evil force. Po’s support and strength backed up the team members ability, boosts their confidence, and, finally, when Po is in trouble, the entire team builds up the power of Chi (which by then was a mystery to them and they now created that just like an innovation) and destroyed the evil power.

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