Answered! Write a Report about Employees Motivation in a Company. Report writting in Business HR…

Write a Report about Employees Motivation in a Company. Report writting in Business HR

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 It has been seen through researches and surveys that a motivated, engaged and responsive workforce is substantially more productive than an unmotivated and dull workforce in an organisation. No matter how huge the number of employees is, in an organisation, they have to remain enthusiastic and motivated in order to deliver quality results. When an employee feel engaged, they are more likely to work harder and smarter and take it upon themselves to achieve the company’s goals.They even save time and expense of recruiting and training replacements because they would never quit under normal circumstances.

Below are some highly effective ways that can be taken up to keep employees motivated in a company.

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Answered! Write a Report about Employees Motivation in a Company. Report writting in Business HR…
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  1. By letting them know their contribution is appreciated and the management trust their work. This goes a long way as it creates an envirnment of trust and belief between the employees and the employer. In this case, the employees will think twice before ditching the company and will try to do the best job possible.
  2. Try to reach the higher goal by setting smaller goals first. In order to achieve a billion dollar goal, one needs to set a 100$ goal first and achieve within a time frame. Same needs to be implemented in an organisation, employees should be provided with small goals to be achieved in a give time slot . These small achievements should be celebrated and rewarded with afternoon offs or a party. The employees will then see the goals as more realistic.
  3. Motivate Individuals rather than the teams. Motivating an entirely team is quiet important because everyone in a company is a part of a team. But until and unless the team is motivated in an individual level, it is pointless. Reason being, each employee will have a clear view and personal understanding of how working together benefits himself and the team.
  4. Prioritize work-life balance. It is very important for every employee to earn money but at the same time have equal time to spend with their family. It’s important to encourage employees to take vacation time. A culture that prioritizes work-life balance, yields increased productivity and overall happiness in the workplace.
  5. Keep the line of communication Open. In other words, the system of communication has to be clear and transparent. An employee should never feel they are being cheated or deceived by th company. In case of an confusion, every question should be answered with clarity and conviction. This will keep the relationship between the employee and the company healthy.

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