Answered! What is an intranet? What is an adjacency matrix, and how do they relate to graphs?…

What is an intranet?

What is an adjacency matrix, and how do they relate to graphs?

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Answered! What is an intranet? What is an adjacency matrix, and how do they relate to graphs?…
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What is the optimal connection of the five hubs that will minimize the length of the cable required to connect them? Note: The length of the cable will be the distance between the hubs as shown in the adjacency matrix.

How did you arrive at this answer? What algorithm should be used to solve this problem?

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An intranet is a private network based on TCP/IP protocols, belonging to an organization, usually a corporation, accessible only by the organization’s members, employees, or others with authorization. An intranet’s websites and software applications look and act just like any others, but the firewall surrounding an intranet fends off unauthorized access and use.

->It may consist of many interlinked local area networks and also use leased lines in the wide area network.

Typically, larger enterprises allow users within their intranet to access the public Internet through firewall servers that have the ability to screen messages in both directions so that company security is maintained. When part of an intranet is made accessible to customers, partners, suppliers, or others outside the company, that part becomes part of an extranet.

an adjacency matrix:

=>an adjacency matrix is a square matrix used to represent a finite graph. The elements of the matrix indicate whether pairs of vertices are adjacent or not in the graph.

=>The adjacency matrix, sometimes also called the connection matrix, of a simple labeled graph is a matrix with rows and columns labeled by graph vertices, with a 1 or 0 in position (v_i,v_j) according to whether v_iand v_j are adjacentor not.

->For a simple graph with no self-loops, the adjacency matrix must have 0s on the diagonal. For an undirected graph, the adjacency matrix is symmetric

->An adjacency matrix for a simple graph and a loop-digraph is a logical matrix, i.e. one whose elements are all either 0 or 1.

->An adjacency matrix for an undirected graph is symmetrical about the main diagonal.

This is because if vertex i is adjacent to vertex j, then j is adjacent to i.

->An adjacency matrix for a weighted graph or network contains the weights of the edges.

optimal connection of the five hubs:

The best way to connect five hubs will be using ring topology. Using ring topology, each hub will be connected to at least one other hub. There will be four connections to allow communication between all computers.

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