Answered! Please answer the questions below by comparing ADVENTURE AIRLINES to the other airlines…

Please answer the questions below by comparing ADVENTURE AIRLINES to the other airlines

Yield Net Stock Debt Return Cumulative Cumulative per Profit Price Seat Seat Current Turnover to Net Profit Revenue Passenger Quality Reliability Load Productivity Mile Ratio Company Equity Sales 94.6 3.423 -0.123 -570,912 Dream Airlines (a) -517,244 11.70 45 4.2 0.177 2.224 10,002,466 -432,625 6,228,259 92.2 4.051 -0.057 Adventure Airlines (b) 39,943 12.02 53 50 5.0 0.198 8.510 -339,538 8,207,498 Worldwide Airways (c) 95,312 12.71 87 98.7 0.183 0.340 5.646 -0.052 53 5.7 Avion Airways (d) -245,437 12.38 72 -394,505 7,311,249 95.6 67 5.7 0.193 3.537 3.945 -0,083 552,258 12.17 90 AirLux (e) 98.7 37 3.3 0.172 3.191 5.485 -0.108 -761,777 9,276,974

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Answered! Please answer the questions below by comparing ADVENTURE AIRLINES to the other airlines…
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1. SWOT – The first step is to determine where you are by doing a SWOT analysis – identify your internal Strengths and Weaknesses and your external Opportunities and Threats. Make a grid and fill in the blanks. Use two columns and two sections. Internally analyze human, financial, technological resources, culture, etc. Externally examine the economy, political/regulatory, social/demographic, technology, competition, etc.

2. Implementation Process – what steps must be taken – indicate who will do what and by when. I do a quick monthly review to see what is on target, what is falling behind, what follow-up is needed, etc. This gives me a visual update and reminds me of my targets and how I am progressing.

3. Evaluation and Measurement – how will you know you’ve successfully achieved the objectives (this is why each must be stated so it is specific, quantifiable and measurable). As you get more sophisticated, a set of balanced scorecard measure is an ideal way to track, measure, and communicate your progress, but for now just determine how each objective will be measured.

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SWOT analysis for Adventure Airlines


  • It has competitive business model.
  • It has a good reliability index.


  • Quality index of this Airline services is not up to the mark.
  • Cumulative revenue is also on the lower side as compared to other airline brands.


  • If it can weather the operational challenges then it has all the potential to become one of the most trusted Airline brand.
  • Its Seat productivity can be bettered in coming business days.


  • Considering the other brands, it has to fare well at the business front if it has to sustain in a long run.
  • Other competitors are doing quite well hence; Adventure Airline has to follow the same business model.

Implementation process to revive the growth of Adventure Airlines

  • To revive the business some of the prominent measures can be taken such as-
  • To conduct the progress review meeting every fortnight
  • Identify the bottlenecks be it political, economical or any other.
  • Acting swiftly to remove the bottlenecks or impediments.
  • Promoting the best talents and hiring good candidates as per demand

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