Answered! Just write a response for this post , use your ownwords ,100 words+ ——— The open source database software plays a major role in assisting the organizations to simplify…

Just write a response for this post , use your ownwords ,100 words+


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Answered! Just write a response for this post , use your ownwords ,100 words+ ——— The open source database software plays a major role in assisting the organizations to simplify…
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The open source database software plays a major role in assisting the organizations to simplify and accelerate the development cycles. But the main issue with these open source database software such as MongoDB is that the users often overlook to implement a secure database, either due to time constraints or simply due to procrastinating to configure the security levels. Hackers prominently target these open source database to acquire the Personally Identifiable Information (PII), credit card information and personal information such as name, address, and date of birth.

The main reason of the data breaches in the open source database is because users frequently ignore the configuration of the security levels, as they feel that the firewall would take care of the restricted traffic. But the important point they are missing here is that what happens if the firewall goes down? I strongly believe that one best way to ensure that all the users deploy the database with the required security levels is by customizing a set of default security implementations which a user and apply to their database in one click. This is majorly helpful in assisting the users who lack the technical knowledge or to save additional time to focus more on the database rather than the security implementations.

The long term solution for this problem is by educating the users on how to effectively configure security for open source database software. The best way to do so is either by the distribution of user manuals of training videos. Apart from the above-mentioned techniques, MongoDB team can make use of the network visibility tools to find out the all the exposed databases and send out alerts to the specific users of the issue and suggest them a solution on how to secure their database.

Expert Answer

Databases are one of the most important and valuable a days some of the reason the databases are under attack so frequently is rather simple they are at the spirit of any association,firms,groups and keeping customer valuable records and other confidential business data and personal data also.
but today the databases are under attack so frequently and so vulnerable to breaches because of One reason is that firmss are not defensive these essential assets well enough.
When hackers and malevolent insiders put on right to use to responsive data,they can rapidly take out value, impose harm or crash trade operations.
in addition to economic loss or standing injure,breaches can result in narrow violations,fines and lawful fees.

Excessive and Unused Privileges:
when someone is granted database rights that go beyond the necessities of their job purpose, these rights can be harmed.
For example:a bank employee whose job requires the capability to modify only account holder contact information may take benefit of unnecessary database rights and enlarge the account balance of a funds account.further when someone changes roles within an group or leaves it in total frequently his or her right to use rights to receptive data do not change.
in the later case if these workers go away on bad terms they can use their old rights to take high value data or impose harm. How do users end up with too much constitutional rights generally,its since right manage process for job role have not been well distinct or maintain. As a consequence users may be approved general or non-payment right of entry rights that distant go beyond their specific job requirements or they may simply accumulate such privileges over time. This creates unnecessary risk.

in the present situation cybercriminals,hackers and spies use higher attacks that mix together several plans
such as the fake perform of sending emails purport to be from of good standing firms in order to make persons to make known personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers

malware is a software which is specially intended to interrupt injure or increase official right of entry to a computer system to go through firms and take responsive data.ignorant that malware has impure their machine,tools legal users become a medium for these groups to right of entry your networks and receptive data.
unmanged sensitive Data
today many firms thrash about to keep up an correct record of their databases and the dangerous data matter restricted within them.
elapsed databases may contain responsive information, and new databases can come out
Example:in submission testing environments
without visibility to the security team receptive data in these databases will be bare to intimidation if the required controls and
permissions are not developed.

Monitoring :
monitor all database right of entry action and practice pattern in actual time to notice data outflow,illegal sql and big data dealings and procedure and system assaults

because web applications are the most common vector for initiate an input addition harass another important line of protection will be your Web application firewall which is also called as waf.a waf will be familiar with and block input injection attack patterns that create from web applications.To defend against input injection attacks.

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