Answered! How does the concept of cloud computing relate to E-Commerce?…

How does the concept of cloud computing relate to E-Commerce?

Does cloud computing make it easier to develop an E-Commerce site, or does it increase the complexity of the process? Explain your answer.

Expert Answer

E-commerce is the most growing feildin India.Cloud is the another disseminating thing which was no way back. Cloud greatly helps in increasing the growth of E-Commerce. Incommon, E-commerce has the few drawbacks which drives them down.

They are ,

1. Lack of flesibility

2.Security Issues.

These drawbacks are overcomed by introducing Cloud in E-commerce.

  1. Scalability
  2. Cost Saving
  3. Increased Speed
  4. Increased Security
  5. High Availability

Thus the cloud helps to enhance the e-commerce site as it allows the business people to flexible market services and also gives a platform toall business people who can start their market without any investment.

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