Answered! How can organisational and HR leaders align the performance management system with the strategic…

How can organisational and HR leaders align the performance management system with the strategic plan?

Expert Answer

Organisational and HR leaders understand the importance of performance management system and its value for the right functioning of company not only in short term but in long term .it is because of this reason that company’s performance management system has direct alignment with strategic plan.The basic idea is to prepare the resoruces to match with future requirements by investing in present time.the most common approach is design of Job description and make them basis of appraisal system.In this way employee is liable for the current job but is also preparing itself for future responsibilities without feeling extra burden.Identification of training in new areas and assigning team members in cross-functional role are some of the common methods of preparing resource pool for future assignments.Employees who know their role in the organization and have a clear path on obtaining success have greater connection to the organization as a whole.Feedback allows an organization to keep its employees focused and running at their most efficient means thus it is easy for the company also to move in a right direction by properly accessing its internal capability.Self improvement option in performance management system helps the HR personal to give an employee a dorection which is best for the company from strategic point of view.In this ways HR leaders can make the resource pool ready for startegic projects just by designing the right job description and expectations.

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