Answered! Creating a Testing, Auditing and Training plan document. Create and show how your testing will operate, how you will perform audits and what kind…

Creating a Testing, Auditing and Training plan document.

Create and show how your testing will operate, how you will perform audits and what kind of training will you have? And for each of these, you’ll also need to make sure that you are indicating how often you should perform those activities.

Expert Answer

 Testing : A test plan is a detailed document that outlines the test strategy, Testing objectives, resources (manpower, software, hardware) required for testing, test schedule, test estimation and test deliverables.

The test plan serves as a blueprint to conduct software testing activities as a defined process which is minutely monitored and controlled by the test manager. so now let us see the importance of testing:

  • Test Plan helps us determine the effort needed to validate the quality of the application under test
  • Help people outside the test team such as developers, business managers, customers understandthe details of testing.
  • Test Plan guides our thinking. It is like a rule book, which needs to be followed.
  • Important aspects like test estimation, test scope, test strategy are documented in Test Plan, so it can be reviewed by Management Team and re-used for other projects.

Process of writing a test plan :

  1. Analyze the product
  2. Design the Test Strategy
  3. Define Test Criteria
  4. Define the Test Objectives
  5. Resource Planning
  6. Plan Test Environment
  7. Schedule & Estimation
  8. Determine Test Deliverables

For testing following table represents various members in your project team:

  • Test Manager
  • Tester
  • Developer in Test
  • Test Administrator
  • SQA members

Audit and Training plan :

An audit is the examination of the work products and related information to assesses whether the standard process was followed or not.

Training plan is also known as Software Quality Assurance or (SQA). It focuses more on the software process rather than the software work products. Quality Assurance is a set of activities designed to ensure that the project manager follows the standard process which is already pre-defined. In other words, Quality Assurance makes sure the Test Manager is doing the right things in the right way.

Audit is done to improve the overall process and insure the quaity of software, for that there are some points which need to be considered to improve the overall quality and insure that quality of product is good :

  1. Monitoring and improving the process
  2. make sure all the standared and procedure are followed
  3. preventing the quality problem from occuring
  4. Develop the SQA(software quality assurance) plan
  5. Review the process

These all steps and preformed correctly and make sure all the standards are being followed. These all the steps should be performed atleast a month so that you get to know what are the good points and what are the bad points, by which you can make changes for the future plans and it will help the company grow.

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