Answered! 1. What is RFID’s role in SCM?   2. How does CRM differ from SCM?  …

1. What is RFID’s role in SCM?

2. How does CRM differ from SCM?

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Answered! 1. What is RFID’s role in SCM?   2. How does CRM differ from SCM?  …
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3. What is a CRM system, and what are its primary components?

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 1. RFID means Radio Frequency Identification which is a type of chips which is mainly used to track the products. In Supply Chain Management (SCM) RFID’s provides very Efficient way to track the products in the supply chain. RFID’S capture product data in the supply chain and then make it available to then make available in real time for other process in the supply chain.

2. CRM means Customer Relationship Management and SCM means Supply Chain Management. The naming conventions itself having differences. Like wise the functionality is also completely different for both of these modules.

CRM deals with the Customers to which they sold the products. In CRM it makes sure that the Customers are getting proper service and support for the products they bought.

While SCM deals with ensuring the business is getting the raw materials they need or not.

3. CRM system is the system which deals with the customer information. It captures the Customer information and also provides response tracking etc like this much more.

CRM system has the demonstration capabilities of marketing impact on company and suggests the tactics and strategies that works best for our business.

The three main primary components of CRM system are :-

Marketing Automation:- It refers mainly​ to the promotional activities of the business.

Salesforce Automation:- It takes care of processes like recording sales information, forecasting , tracking of interactions etc.

Customer Service :- It deals with the securely storing the Customer data and provide good support and service.

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