Another noticeable element in the film is Maniyan Nandu a very lowincome Essay

Another noticeable element in the film is Maniyan (Nandu) a very low-income plumber who also is a raging alcoholic, though he can afford only the cheapest stuff available through government retail outlets (Beverage). He regularly beats his wife Pankajam (Kalpana) who is also Raghu’s domestic help. Maniyan is so addicted to alcohol, even worse than Raghu himself that he cannot distinguish from what is real and not. He creates a profound impact on Raghu. As the movie progresses, a couple of incidents happen in Raghu’s life and surroundings which forms the remaining part of the movie.

He mentally and physically tortures his wife and his eldest son as this showcases domestic violence. His character manifests all the worst characteristics of an alcoholic, including abusing his wife. Women reported that they experienced violence in combination. Of the 179 women who reported in National Women Commission, they had been hit, kicked, slapped, or beaten in their marital life, 109 women experienced all kinds of torture and 161 women had suffered from at least three types of the assault.

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Another noticeable element in the film is Maniyan Nandu a very lowincome Essay
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As regards psychological abusive behaviors, nearly one out of four (74 out of 326 women) had experienced all. In addition to multiple forms, women also reported that they had experienced violence several times in their marital life. A larger proportion of rural women reported that they had experienced violent physical behavior of all types. Violent psychological behaviors, however, had occurred more than three times in both rural and urban areas, except abandonment. (Kumar 21)One of the scenes in the movie shows how desperate is he in drinking alcohol as he checks the toilet closet for water when there was no water supply at Raghunandans house.Alcoholism, drunken driving, domestic violence, family troubles and; addiction are discussed in this film. Alcoholism is alcoholism irrespective of your class. Maniyan’s dialogue: If rich people drink it is Fashion, If we drink it is alcoholism demonstrates this. Spirit also pokes at generally the useless and pretentious intellectual class who kind of romanticize the use of alcohol with clich©d phrases like Alcohol is bottled poetry. Spirit gives an insight into just how alcohol has become a solid part of Kerala life showing how people drink just for the sake of drinking. It shows those famous queues in front of beverage outlets. Although The movie is about Raghunandan’s life, the characters of Maniyan and (thilakan) are important in conveying the message. In some instances it’s seen Thilakan as an alcoholic and asks his student Maniyan to get a bottle of alcohol for him. This shows how desperate the man is to drinking. As seen in the movie Thilakan starts his day by drinking a glass of alcohol and he even drinks with his colleagues. In several instances it is shown that Plumber Manian drinks at least two glasses of alcohol to start his day as well as he even chews tobacco. It’s even shown that he tortures his wife mentally and physically under alcoholic influence. This is actually affecting his family life as well as his kids are getting mentally affected seeing his daily act after getting drunk. He drinks even during lunch while mixing it in the food and also spends some time even during work. The same is said for the movie Neena. Though she is very good with her work, her alcoholism and smoking, along with her snobbish behavior, overshadows it. Even in this movie too it is shown that social drinking is a factor. During the office get together Neena gets drunk and falls into the swimming pool due to over alcoholic intake. It is seen that she spends her time on the sea-shore drinking from a bottle as well as that she even drinks when she gets involved with their client meetings. There are instances from asking a bottle of alcohol from her Boss as it a dry day on the first of every month to getting few bottles of alcohol from the beverage with the help from her Boss. Even alcohol as a danger element is playing a major part in parties.She says that she loves her Boss, later she realizes that her love was just because of being under alcohol. During their interactions, Neena gets attracted to Vinay and expresses her love to him. He rejects her request. Being unable to handle this, she absconds and attempts suicide. This showcases alcoholism. If she was a non-alcoholic she wouldn’t have done this. Vinay, who was initially ambivalent about an affair with Neena, slowly resolves his internal conflicts and gets attracted to her during their stay in the de-addiction hospital. However, with her thinking skills improved after a brief period of sobriety and her impulsivity after professional interventions, Neena decides to become more practical and, in spite of being in love with him, decides to leave him. Her psychologist explains to Vinay that Neenas love for him was just an obsession under the influence of alcohol and that it has decreased with treatment. In the final scenes, Vinay,the boss binges to alcohol when his love got rejected from Neena. This makes him feel guilty and so he reaches to his wife.This movie attempts to display Neenas impulsive behavior as an outcome of her childhood experiences. Neenas parents, who had lost their adolescent son in a tragic event, wished for a boy during the second childbirth. Though they are disappointed when Neena, a girl, is born, they brought her up like a boy and made her dressed like one and spends her leisure time playing with boys who in turn address her as a boy. All this generates some gender identity issues in Neenas mind in her teenage. However, once she attains mensuration, her father changes his stand and starts restricting her interaction with boys. She rebels against it. She tries alcohol for the first time During the teenage days and gets rejected by her parents. Her initial curiosity towards alcohol and cigarettes is aroused in this stage by her friends, and is subsequently maintained by her anger towards own parents. Thus, the movie emphasizes that aim-less parenting, peer influences, conflicts in accepting her gender identity and the associated emotional turmoil led to Neenas alcoholism.The movie portrays alcoholism as a disorder than a bad habit. Neenas impulsivity and recklessness are shown to disappear dramatically during the short inpatient stay at the center. However, impulsivity displayed by patients of chronic alcoholism is reported, due to the damage alcohol causes to the frontal lobes of our brain and the reversal of such changes will take much more time than is depicted in this movie. Alcoholism effects on relationships can be quite harmful. The first area that is usually affected is intimacy, which doesn’t always mean physical, either. Parts of an intimate relationship that can be affected by the effects of alcoholism include trust, stability, affection, expectations, commitment, shared values, Respect etc. When alcohol is involved this raises concern for codependency probabilities as well as abusive behavior both verbally and physically. Deterioration in married or unmarried couples often stems from arguments, financial troubles, and acts of infidelity or domestic violence.

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