Annotated Bibliography Essay

I will show below the sources that I have decided to take the necessary information from for my research paper on the topic about discrimination in education.Mantell, E. (1974). Discrimination based on Education in the Labor Market for Engineers. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 56(2), 158-166. doi:10.2307/1924435In this 84-year old general journal of applied economics, Mantell has published a number of important articles in empirical economics. The main topic in this journal that seems to affect the labor market nowadays is discrimination based on education.

As the paper focuses on a particular form of labor market imperfection, it is clear that the author summarizes the impact that discrimination in education has in future employment.Since my research focuses on discrimination in education areas, then this journal is helpful to give a look how this phenomenon affects student’s future lives. Tannock, S. (2008). The Problem of Education-Based Discrimination. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 29(5), 439-449. Retrieved from Journal of Sociology of Education shows different academic articles taken throughout the world related to the sociology of education.

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Annotated Bibliography Essay
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Tannock attempts to ascertain the ideologies of meritocracy and human capital should be dominant in education and to be linked with rewards. Race, gender and class discrimination in education are the main topics included on the journal. Tannock parallels them on a figure way with a big elephant in our living room, in other words to show the readers how extensive has discrimination become.I believe this is a great journal for my research paper because it focuses mostly on my topic related to education. It will help me to reflect on the inequality on education areas, which is considered as social injustice.Lang, K., & Manove, M. (2011). Education and Labor Market Discrimination. The American Economic Review, 101(4), 1467-1496. Retrieved from American Economic Review is considered one of the oldest and most respected scholarly journals in the economics profession. The main topic is about gender discrimination based on education and its impact on the future labor market. Lang focuses his research and explain why blacks get more education than whites, but their wages are seen to be the opposite.As I said above, this kind of information are very helpful for my research paper since I am writing about discrimination in education and to reflect better on the student’s future lives. Comparing the earnings of whites and blacks will be a good point related to their education before entering the labor market on my paper.Velzquez, M. (2008). History of Education Quarterly, 48(2), 334-336. Retrieved from this journal, there are included articles,documents, debates on important issues in the history in education, book and film reviews related to this topic. The book review of Paul A. Sracic tells a detailed history of one of the Supreme Court cases on US on the issue of school reform explaining the relation of education, politics, race and wealth. The author focus on the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment in order to bring attention to all children all over the US.Since my research paper focuses mostly on US education, then this book review will help me reflect more on the reasons of how this phenomenon happens and the impact it has on the children. I will read and maybe take some extra information on the other articles on this journal, but I mostly will focus on the book review.Lucas, S. (2013). Just Who Loses?: Discrimination in the United States, Volume 2. Temple University Press.The author, Lucas shows his estimation of race discrimination in US. As this volume concentrates on the idea that the phenomenon of discrimination being a zero-sum game is a fallacy, Lucas constantly asks readers who lose. The author ascertains methods to tell that all education, earnings, poverty and mortality targets and non targets of discrimination lose.This book will be a good help for my paper, because it talks exactly about my topic that I have chosen. When talking about discrimination, we all need to ask ourselves: Who loses?.Brown, Christia Spears (2015) The Educational, Psychological, and Social Impact of Discrimination on the Immigrant Child. Washington, DC: Migration Policy Institute.In this report, Brown gives a brief look on discrimination in schools and outside schools. She shows types of discrimination including here the sources, contexts and settings. After these, the author gives the consequences of personal discrimination, which it may be physical, psychological and social consequences. In the end, she notices the protective factors related to the issue, which are ethnic identity, family support and socialization.In my research paper, I will take information and develop them related to the issue of discrimination and one important reason why this issue happens is immigration, too. So this report will help me to reflect that how the immigration has an impact on creating personal discrimination.George Farkas (2003) Racial Disparities and Discrimination in Education: What Do We know, How Do We Know It, and What Do We Need to Know? The Pennsylvania State University. Volume 105, Number 6, pp. 1119″1146In this paper, George shows the racial discrepancies in education and gives a better attention to those people, who may have attributed in discrimination. African American, American Indian and Latino children appear on the report that since the first moment on the kindergarten they tend to have lower levels of oral language, reading skills and general knowledge. Their real performance on school is shown through twelve, so here the research is focused find discrimination.My research paper is based on discrimination and of course that the ethnic minority students takes a great part on it. That is the reason why I chose to take extra information on this report and to discover what society need to know about this issue.

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