animal farm by George Orwell Essay

Australian and Chinese uniforms do have an amount of deviation today, however as well as the variation between these two countries, there is also a big variation inside these countries. However, the biggest change was probably how they both changed with time. The original/traditional uniform of China was tunics for both the boys and the girls. This was created in the fallout off the defeat in the Second Opium War, because they wanted to learn from the West. However, throughout history it was drastically influenced by other countries and even the government of the time.

They westernized the school system, and wore uniforms similar to government officials. Women were still not allowed to enrol. In 1912 to 1949, China abolished foot-binding and girls started going to school. The government called for male uniforms to more closely resemble military wear. This was based on Western officers, and was a silk hat and a black tuxedo. Japan also influenced the uniform, bringing mainly stand-up collars which were originally based on Prussian military uniform.

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animal farm by George Orwell Essay
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They also focused more on using materials from China. Female schools were rare and only the elite could go. The black skirt and cropped top was described as simple and elegant, and all students wore light make-up.

However there was a protest of 3,000 people In front of the forbidden city, and since then Woman’s uniform became known as May Fourth suits. Gowns came back in the 1920’s-30’s as woman preferred them to the two piece outfit, as it, made them seem less womanly, and China was deeply infatuated with the Western gender equality at that time.

When the communist government came in 1949, they didn’t care about the uniform, and a flashback of massive amounts of old uniforms came back. However the red scarf came from this. Inspired by the Soviets, there was white shirts and dark trousers, and the girls were briefly allowed floral skirts. In 1980’s western uniforms came back, with business suits replacing the uniforms. In 1990’s they created tracksuits, the main uniform of today which is meant to be flexible, cheap and versatile, though some people think it is ugly. However some elite private schools are coming back with similar western uniforms. They also have a ranking system of one to three lines which have different positions of leadership.

Australia has had a lot less change in their uniforms, with the first ones being created from traditional English uniforms in the 19’th century. However as time went on and Britain and England became more relaxed with the uniform, Australia stayed very strict with the uniform. For instance this school in Australia has by far the most strict uniform standards than any of the 3 schools I went to in England and my Primary school. Although they are far more relaxed, the uniform is also far more enforced and ugly. The schools say this is to stop inequality between kids with expensive clothing or not. Almost all private schools have a uniform, and a lot of public school too. However, unlike in China, there is a big variation between primary and secondary schools. There is far more relaxed clothes in primary school such as un-tucked shirts and polo shirts. These are a lot less common in secondary schools. However there is still a lot of variation between the sexes. To conclude China’s uniform was very versatile changing a lot, and is now a lot more relaxed and casual than the Australian Uniform that stayed much the same, the complete opposite of the schooling style.

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