Angelina Weld and Sojourner Truth are two powerful women who Essay

Angelina Weld and Sojourner Truth are two powerful women who escape the odds of slavery to freedom. Both women traveled within the United States to give lectures about their story either growing up around slavery or being owned by a master of slaves. They gave speeches to many religious groups and attend many antislavery conventions throughout Philadelphia, New York and other states in United States. Their reasoning was to get the message to many slaves, men and women that they don’t have to be a prisoner anymore, freedom was the key to survive.

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Angelina Weld and Sojourner Truth are two powerful women who Essay
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Angelina Weld was born and raised on a slave plantation own by her father in South Carolina. She and her sister would witness their father beating and verbally abusing slaves working on their land. This traumatize the girls so much, they will sneak out teaching the slaves reading lesson that they learned from their brother. Angelina gave her first speech at a Presbyterian Church speaking out against slavery.

She became so upset with her minister because he refuses to denounce and allow her to speak freely about slavery. Six months after trying to convince her family and her church to end slavery, Angelina was expelled from church. That’s when she packed up clothes and joined her sister Sarah in Philadelphia.

When Angelina arrived in Philadelphia, she me up with her sister where they became active members of the Quakers. Quakers is a Christian group of religious movement known as Religious Society of Friends. This group has liberal views on slavery and gender equality. Angelina and her sister hit the spotlight as abolitionist when she wrote her first letter condemning slavery. Her first letter was published by William Lloyd Garrison in a newspaper called “The Liberator. Next, she issued a pamphlet titled “Appeal to the Christian Women of the South”. The meaning behind this pamphlet was to urge the white women of the south to end slavery. I believe in this pamphlet it took her back when she was young witnessing the abuse her father treated the slaves, and they had no freedom. This behavior was stuck in the minds of this young women who felt that if she needed to preach the word to women who would listen and take charge and have a mind of their own. Finally, Angelina gave another speech in Pennsylvania Hall called, “History is a Weapon”. This speech she was talking to the crowed how she, as a woman seen how slaves was being treated and how it is destructive to human happiness. While presenting her speech crowds of people began to throw rocks breaking windows and being violent. Later that night, the hall was burned down to the ground, luckily no one was hurt.

Another well known powerful advocate for human rights is Sojourner Truth. Sojourner Truth, legal name was Isabella Baumfree, was born a slave. Her whole childhood she lived in New York on an estate own by Col. Johannes Hardenbergh. Like any other slave, Truth was beaten and mistreated by her owner. During her time working as a slave, Truth fell in love with another slave name Robert. Robert’s master didn’t want Truth and Robert to build a relationship, so he forced them apart. So, Truth was forced to marry another slave name Thomas, and had five children by him.

In the year of 1827, New York pass a law to free all slaves born after July 4, 1799. When Truth heard about this new law, she got excited and couldn’t wait to be free from her master. Unfortunately, her master failed to honor his request to free her under the New York Anti-Slavery Law, so Truth ran away. Sojourner Truth became a preacher and started getting involve in antislavery movement that involved women rights. Truth gave a speech at a Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio titled, “Ain’t I a Woman?”. She wrote this speech after being free from slavery. This speech was about her working as slave, getting beat by her master when things wasn’t done right. In the speech, you can tell she never been help by a man to carry her over a ditch or take her nice places. Also, in this speech, she feels women can do as much as a man can.

After reading both women speeches, it reflects on their childhood and how they were raised into slavery. One was born a slave where she endures the hardships and the mental and physical abuse. While the other witness their parents physically abusing slaves. Angelina was taught that women don’t have a platform to stand on, and Truth was raised up that she will always be a slave to till death. Meaning, we will always be the shadow or trailing behind a man. After enduring of all that mental and physical abuse, both women decided to overcome their adversities and travel to different states to lecture to people, men and especially women that we are free and have rights. These women travel tireless to prove a point that women can be as powerful as men, and we don’t have to live in fear anymore. I believe these two women open the door for women to have leadership positions on the job and in political offices. What I take from reading both women speeches as a woman stand tall with pride. Don’t be inferior of a man, show that man that you can be as successful as he and can be as strong as he. Don’t be afraid to take the lead, regardless of race or gender.

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