Angela Whitiker Essay

For instance, on pages 225-226 we see Angela make a decision: “She has performed a kind of emergency triage, banishing the infected to save the well. ” For this paper, present an argument in which you answer the following question: Was Angela Whitiker right or wrong to push her sons Nicholas and Willie out of the immediate family circle?

Your essay must follow this structure: 1. The introduction paragraph—engage your reader in the problem. Show your reader what makes the problem important.

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Angela Whitiker Essay
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The last sentence will be your thesis statement—the sentence that answers the assigned question in a specific and detailed manner. Remember to open with the familiar view and move the introduction to your view.

The three body paragraphs—should be your support for your position. Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence, and the remainder of each paragraph must provide support for that topic sentence. . Fourth body paragraph—this is where you will present you concession and then your refutation.

That is, what about the opposing view can you appreciate and can see that could be convincing? But, then, why do you suppose that this position is not sufficiently convincing? 4. The conclusion paragraph—summarize the central important point of your paper, and tell readers why your ideas about Angela Whitiker are important (that is, your conclusion should answer the question, “So what? ”).

Format: This paper should be written in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one inch margins at the top, the bottom and the sides. Your paragraphs should have first line indentations, and there should be no additional spaces between paragraphs. Your paper must have a title. Finally, in the upper left-hand corner please type your name, the date, and “Paper #2. ” Paper length: minimum two full pages. A successful paper will have the following: ? A clear and defendable thesis statement which answers the assigned question; ? Effective topic sentences; ?

An organization that is logical, easy to follow, and includes the concession and refutation; ? Specific references, both quotations and paraphrases, to the readings; ? Relevant, specific and clear explanations of your key ideas; ? Logical relationship of ideas and sentences, using transitions; ? Precise syntax and diction; and ? No surface feature errors. Due dates: Tuesday, 6/12: a well-developed typed draft due in class for peer review due at the beginning of class. Thursday, 6/21: the final typed polished draft is due at the beginning of the class.

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