Anecdotal notes Essay

As Isa entered the classroom he began to remove his things and hang them in his cubby. He would took one piece of clothing off at a time and hang them. Once he was done he then replied “I’m all done mom”! KDI: Social and emotional development: Taking care of ones own needs. Date & Time: 2/26/14 8:45 am During free time in the classroom Danny sat next to Isa at the lego table. Danny greeted Isa with “Hey Isa! Wanna play cars with me? ” Isa said sure.

Isa then replied, “Lets build a tunnel first. ” KDI: Approaches to learning. Making and expressing choices, plans, and decisions.

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Anecdotal notes Essay
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Date & Time: 2/26/14 8:55 am During free time in the classroom Isa said “Im a race car driver”. Pretending to be a race car driver, he repeatedly said “vroom vroom, power up the engine”. He pushed the toy car around the room. After about a minute he said “yes, Im in first place. KDI: The arts.

Dramatic art. Imitating actions and sounds. Pretending and role playing. Date & Time: 2/27/14 9:05 am In the dress up center, Isa and Danny began to argue over who would be the Firefighter and who would be the Police Officer. Isa said, “Im fast, I can get to the fire first.

” Danny suggested that they were both fast and that they could get to the fire together. Isa then said we will both be hero’s. KDI: Social and Emotional development. Creating and experiencing collaborative play. Dealing with social conflict. Date & Time: 2/27/14 9:40 am In the library during small group, Isa listened as Heather(the teacher) read a book about animals. When Heather(the teacher) finished reading, Isa jumped up and began to explain his favorite animals. He also talked about playing with his pet dog at home. KDI: Language, literacy, and communication.

Having fun with language: listening to stories and poems, making up stories and rhymes. Date & Time: 2/27/14 10:30 am In small group the children were sorting pictures and placing them in a “R” or “Z” pile for the beginning sound. Isa looked in the picture bag. He picked up a picture of a Zebra. I asked him what he found. he said, “I found a Zebra, its black and white. ” Then he put it in the Z pile, “Look, that’s the letter Z” said Isa. KDI: Science and technology. Classification: Sorting and matching Date & Time: 2/27/14 10:35 am.

In the library during small group, Isa matched a zebra with the letter Z. After he was done Anna began to tell a story about when she first saw a zebra. Isa yelled out “I love zebra’s. My favorite animal is a tiger”. He then went ahead and explained a trip to the zoo with his family. Isa began to tell us about various activities he experienced while at the zoo. KDI: Having fun with language: listening to stories and poems, making up stories and rhymes. Date & Time: 2/27/14 11:05 am Isa was in the art area during free choice. Isa began to draw a picture of his family .

He explained to Heather the teacher who was also in the art area. “Look Miss Heather Daddy is first because he is the tallest, then mommy and I am the smallest. ” KDI: Arts and science: Mathematics. Seriation: Arranging several things one after another in a series or a pattern and describing the relationship(blue,green,blue,green). Date & Time: 2/28/14 12:10pm While eating snack at the lunch table Isa opened his package of animal crackers. He counted each cracker before he ate them “1,2,3”. As he finished he said I have eight cookies.

He then ate one and said “yummy in my tummy”. KDI: Arts and Science: Number: counting objects. Date & Time: 2/28/14 3:20 pm While in front of the classroom the students were preparing to outside. As preparing to go outside Isa asked heather(the teacher)to help him with his coat because the zipper was stuck. Heather said she was helping another friend and that she would help him in a second. While waiting Isa decided to try and fix the zipper himself. He tugged a few times and finished zipping himself. KDI: Social and emotional development:Taking care of one’s own needs.

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