Ancient Civilizations Essay

There are many contributions to society today that we received from ancient civilizations. I believe that Mesopotamia and Egypt were the biggest key factors of our society developing to how it is now. New ideas and things we as a civilization have came up with have evolved from the past. Many inventions and ways of living came from early mesopotamia and egypt such as art, religion, architecture, burials, and literature and much more. In mesopotamia they believed in many gods and would praise and worship them greatly.

They built temples and statues of their gods because they believed in many ways they could pray to them.

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Ancient Civilizations Essay
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There were many gods so there were many temples and statues that were built. This lead to them building better and more defined art. The Egyptians also built statues and painted pictures of family members and hung them up in houses. This is why we do this now. Them building statues and painting led to our art today and architecture.

The ancient civilization started advancing in their architecture over time and as they built more statues and houses they discovered better ways of making materials and how to build better and stronger structures.

The egyptians started building the pyramids that were run by the pharaohs. By them building the pyramids this lead to the way we build our houses to the way we build our houses. Early architecture started it all and is they key factor to everything we build today. The egyptians started mummifying their dead and thats how we evolved with funerals. This also came with religion that were different and evolved over time. In mesopotamia they had laws and codes that ran the people so they didn’t get out of hand. The priest and gods were the head of their system and depicted what was said.

In egypt the pharaohs ran egypt and ran the laws. They also had servants but we are grateful that the servants are no longer able to do that. These were the beginning of a political system. They started the government and how we run our countries today. In conclusion, ancient mesopotamia and egypt started every common thing we use in our world today. When you sleep in your bed at night or make food, think about ancient times and how they first invented tools and how our houses could be built better. There were many contributions that were invented that we use today that evolved from them.

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