Analysis of employee survey data

For the next meeting of the Conrobar Board I have been asked to table some observations on our employees. As you know we recently conducted a question survey of a sample of 48 of our employees.I understand that you have a copy of the results of that survey.

We would appreciate it if you could carry out some statistical analysis on those results and respond to this memorandum by answering the questions I have listed below. Your response will enable me to prepare a paper for the meeting.

Just a reminder about the wording of your memorandum:we would prefer that you present your comments in a non-technical format. Statistical terminology can be confusing to the lay person.

However in anticipation of your report I have distributed a glossary of relevant statistical terms to some of my staff. The following terms may be included in the memo without the need for any explanation as to their meaning:

  • mean/average
  • median
  • mode/modal class
  • outliers
  • standard deviation
  • inter-quartile range
  • linear/non-linear relationship
  • coefficient of determination
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