Analysing a unit of work

This assignment requires you to analyse and use existing units of work from published course books.
Your lecturer will give you a unit of work and the teacher’s guide for this unit. You will be asked to
analyse the unit and the teacher’s guide and to complete the following tasks:
*Part 1 requires you to critically evaluate the unit of work given in terms of:
the approach and methodology to language learning and teaching the unit of work encompasses
the clarity of the objectives and target language/ exponents being taught
the selection and sequencing of the activities
to what extent language exponents and skills are integrated in the activities
the learner group, their needs and their language level for which the units of work would be most

Use the teacher’s guide to help justify your responses, eg, how does the guide suggest that the unit
is taught? What way are the students grouped (or not)?

*Part 2: Extension, addition, omission and substitution
This section of the assignment requires you to focus what might need to be changed or added:
Comment on any extensions, additions, omissions or substitutions you would make if you were
teaching this unit to the learner group you identified in Part 1, above.
Give reasons for your decisions.
Describe how you will assess student learning.
Describe how you will evaluate the success of the unit of work.
Identify any problems you anticipate in carrying out the unit of work and suggest how you would go
about overcoming these.
For added or substituted activities, list the resources you will need for these, and reference the
materials you have used or drawn on.

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