An Optional Extra Credit Assignment.

Please note that this is an optional extra credit assignment.

Students may submit a maximum of TWO of these identification terms in paragraph form through the Assignments Tab if Canvas by the deadline specified in the Syllabus and in Assignments.  They are each worth a maximum of ten points of extra credit.  Be sure to cite properly, as per the MLA Format every time that any information is directly copied (and quotation marks are needed), paraphrased (writing someone else’s ideas in your own words) or for any facts that are not common knowledge (like “the sky is blue”).  Students may submit a third identification term for a maximum of five points with three points being counted towards subject knowledge, one point for insight, and one point for proper use of citations; a maximum of one point can be deducted for poor spelling/grammar.  A student can receive a 0 on these identification terms if they are so poorly cited (or uncited) as to be considered plagiarized.  Be sure to provide works cited section with a bibliographic citation of each source used; Be sure to include the Date Accessed is the date that YOU previewed a particular website or watched a YouTube video because website/video content can change.  As per the syllabus, students must use a minimum of two sources for each topic, that are to be cited in the body of the paragraph as well as the works cited section for that identification term to be counted for a grade.  For more information, please consult the “Weekly Assignments” section of the syllabus.


Please note that the textbook is an acceptable source for all of the identification terms:


David Shi, America: A Narrative History, Volume 1, Eleventh Edition. New York:  W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2019.

An Optional Extra Credit Assignment. 1

Chapter 14:


The Battle of Shiloh:

When and where did this battle occur?  Who were the leaders and famous participants on both sides?  What were the major events and consequences of this battle? Editors, “Battle of Shiloh.”  History A&E Television Networks May 28, 2020. Date Accessed:


National Park Service, “Battle of Shiloh.”  U.S. Department of the Interior April 14, 2015.  Date Accessed:


Kings and Generals, “Battle of Shiloh (1862)-American Civil War DOCUMENTARY.”  YouTube October 28, 2018.  Date Accessed:



New York City Draft Riots:

When did they occur?  What was the cause?  Who rioted? What were the major events and consequences? Editors, “New York Draft Riots.”  History A&E Television Networks August 21, 2018.  Date Accessed:


Nielsen, Euell A., “New York City Draft Riots (1863).”  BlackPast November 10, 2017. Date Accessed:

An Optional Extra Credit Assignment. 1

The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered, “New York City Draft Riots of 1863.”  YouTube May 7, 2018.  Date Accessed:


Chapter 15:


Freedman’s Bureau:

When did it exist?  Who founded it and for what purpose?  What were its accomplishments?  What challenges did it face? Editors, “Freedman’s Bureau.”  History A&E Television Networks October 3, 2018.  Date Accessed:


Hurst, Ryan, “Freedman’s Bureau (1865-1872).”  BlackPast February 16, 2009.

Freedmen’s Bureau (1865-1872)

Date Accessed:


American Battlefield Trust, “Freedmen: The Civil War in Four Minutes.”  YouTube December 6, 2016. Date Accessed:



Tenure of Office Act:

When was it passed?  What was it?  How did it effect politics during the Reconstruction Era?  Is this act still in existence? Editors, “Tenure of Office Act.”  History A&E Television Networks November 27, 2019.  Date Accessed:


Sefton, James E., “Tenure of Office Act.” May 23, 2020.

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