An Introduction to Geographic Information Science and Technology

The Purpose and setting of this task

The purpose of this assignment is for students to gain experience in performing GIS analysis to address a real-world issue, and to prepare the final report, with cartographic maps,description of the steps involved, constraints faced, and the effectiveness of GIS analysis.This task builds on the preliminary work done while preparing ‘Task3Proposal’.The final analysis has to be the raster-based geoprocessing, and the input and intermediate data products will involve vector-based analysis.

While developing ‘Task3 Proposal’, you will have already developed an idea about the geographic area where you would like to use GIS analysis to address an identified real-world issue. For the final task, you are required to utilise your GIS skills and knowledge gained in the course along with the feedback provided on ‘Task3 Proposal.


Please put all queries on the BlackBoard’s Discussion Board (or on the FaceBook), and keep sharing your experiences, both good and bad, with GIS analysis.

For specific query, send the course coordinator an email. If needed, fix an appointment to discuss this task.

You can get access to a wide range of spatial data sets mostly belonging to Sunshine Coast from the following location:


You can find further information in the MS Word file ‘Datasets.doc’.

3.0      Assessment Criteria

For detailed assessment criteria……………………………………………

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