An Enjoyable Trip in Singapore Essay

Three years ago in summer, I had a chance went to Singapore with my mother. It was a special memory because it was the first time for me to foreign country. At that time, I had to travel, and I visited my aunt. I was very excited and glad. My aunt was moved to Singapore because her husband was working at Singapore. In the morning, I arrived to the airport. I was slipped in front of people in the airport. It made me feel embarrassed.

After that, my aunt took me and my mother to her home. During the way, I look out of the car. I saw a lot of big buildings, but there are also a lot of trees. The building and the nature can live together, so it made me very excited.

I have never seen where a lot of buildings are not pollution,but there are fresh air and the weather isn’t hot. In the afternoon, I arrived at my aunt’s house.

There is one more thing that makes me wonder, it is the gate of my aunt house have remote control that it is very old and small. The next day, my aunt took me and mother traveled to the Sentosa Island. There are many hotels and amusement parks.

I went to Sentosa Island by Cable Car only four minutes. It made me feel terrible because when I saw down from Cable Car it is very high, I think if I was fall down from Cable Car I probably not survive. The last place that I went to travel it is Clarke Quay, it is a place for shopping and enjoying food. The Clarke Quay has many interesting shop such as the second-hand shop.

Inside of the second-hand shop, there are good quality products although it is second-hand product. In the evening, we came back our house by a double-decker bus. Traveling by a double-decker bus is one of the most unforgettable experiences I ever have. This day I felt very happy and funny. Finally, Singapore is one of my favorite place. It is the best country because there are combination modern and natural, the both thing are divisibly. I wish I had free time, and I could go back there again.

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