An Effective Counsellor Essay

Counsellor’s should continually assess their own feelings and needs to maintain an appropriate relationship with the client. There are issues that a counsellor should be aware of when doing a self-assessment; The counsellor should be aware of when they feel uncomfortable with a client or a topic being discussed. The counsellor must choose to either be honest with the discomfort of a situation or topic, or they may refer the client to another counsellor. The counsellor should be aware of their own avoidance strategies.

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An Effective Counsellor Essay
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The counsellor must be able to recognize when they avoid certain topics, or allow distractions and then find an effective way to facilitate help appropriately. The counsellor should be able to recognize when they are trying to control a situation. It is important that the counsellor engage in responsive listening so that they’re not controlling the communication process. The counsellor must remind themselves continuously that any issue being discussed has many perspectives and that theirs may be different, from that of the clients.

It is important not to express whether the clients view is right or wrong. The counsellor must avoid being omnipotent. It is not the counsellors job to make the client better. It is the counsellor’s job to help facilitate the client in addressing and resolving the issues. It is also important that the counsellor identifies and responds to positive feelings, and that they don’t just focus on negative ones. This provides balance for the client and allows them to amplify positive strengths in their lives.

Lastly, the counsellor must keep in mind to never ask a question, or discuss a 1 topic that you would not be able to discuss in a similar situation. These issues should always be addressed when a Counsellor is engaging in a self-assessment. By completing a self-assessment I was able to address my values, skills, attributes and my interests. I identified that while I am not a judgemental person, I do hold values that if not addressed prior to a situation could cause myself to become close-minded and that would ultimately put a barrier up in my ability to help the client.

I also was able to identify how I can use my skills and attributes to counsel my clients in a positive manner. I have identified that I try to find a positive in all situations but I don’t ever be-little the seriousness of the topic at hand. With a self-assessment I am able to recognize when and how to communicate appropriately with a client. The individuals I support will be able to discuss issues with me and feel comfortable knowing that I don’t judge or assume things about them. Both my verbal and non-verbal skills will make this evident to the client.

As a registered Developmental Service Worker I could be taking on a role as a counsellor where self-assessment is crucial as it is important to be able to identify when or if I am not dealing with a situation or topic appropriately. I will use the skill of self-assessment in any other role whether that be taking on a position as a Personal Support Worker or working in a group home. It is important that I am able to identify my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to helping a client and that I am able to do so in a way that is prudent. It is also important to continually perform a self-assessment as situations change or evolve.

A counsellor who understands how they communicate and who has self-awareness is likely to be more effective in helping the client, then those who are not aware of these issues. Counsellors who are able to identify aspects such as if a topic being discussed makes them feel uncomfortable, if the topic goes against their own values or beliefs, if it is causing different emotions in themselves and why that may be, if they are projecting these feelings and whether or not they are really listening to the 2 client. Continual self-awareness is crucial to the development of the counsellor and their ability to help the client.

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