An Autobiography Essay Catalina Garcia Essay

My name is Catalina Garcia; I’m 21 years old. I was born in the middle of July in a suburb of Barcelona. My birthday was no different from other summer days in Spain and was also anomalously hot and humid.

It is necessary to tell about my happy childhood, but it was not so happy, or it was, but I do not remember it. Like all children, I went to kindergarten while my parents worked. There I learned to read, write and count and then the teacher told my parents that I sing well.

My parents were the most ordinary people, and both worked in a bank. While I was little, I thought that our family was happy, but in reality, it was not so. This was my first lesson in family life, the consequences of which make themselves felt to this day.

I was five when my parents divorced, and I can remember that I was glad about it. Almost immediately, my mother was offered a job at the bank branch, which is located in the US and we moved to Los Angeles.

This event determined my life and all future events I remember quite clearly. Today I am grateful to my mother for her courage and determination. She is my prime example of purposefulness. I respect and thank her for being not afraid to give up the past and start a new life. Now, being an adult, I begin to understand how she was afraid to start living in a foreign country with a small child.

I have not received news from my father ever since. My mother and I were in an alien country across the ocean from our homeland, but at that moment we were happy and free like never before. We rented a small apartment, and soon I went to primary school. Then the second life lesson was learned by me. In my five years, I realized that I do not understand even one a word of what the children and teachers say to me, and they do not understand me. My native language is Spanish; I have not faced English from birth. And at that moment I had to learn this language from scratch. Mom took me to a special group studying English for children of foreigners. Fortunately, I have abilities for languages, and after a few months of immersion in the language environment, I started talking almost freely. The only thing that showed that I’m a foreigner was a slight accent.  Fortunately, I did not face the problem of adaptation in a foreign country. I liked our new life, everything I did and everything that surrounded me. Perhaps this was also the reason that I learned the language easily and quickly.

My schooling continued. My favorite subjects were literature and biology. In addition, I sang in the school choir. At the age of 14, I received an offer to protect the honor of the school at a song contest, and I won it. At that time it was my biggest victory and pride. I knew that I sing well, and I really wanted to win, but I had very strong and decent opponents. That day I concluded that everything is possible if there are a strong desire and hard work. I am still guided by this principle today in all my endeavors.

When it was time to go to college, I had not the slightest doubt about what I wanted to study. Even then, I knew for sure that my purpose was to become a doctor and help people. In my family there were no doctors, this desire came to me independently. This happened when I witnessed a car accident. Fortunately, that day no one was hurt, and the driver got off only by the broken car and the shop window, into which he had driven through the fault of the other driver. Then I asked myself a question – what would happen if an innocent person was seriously injured? What if he remained disabled or even died right on the scene of the accident? What would have happened if someone else had suffered in this situation? I realized that if I can help, I should do it. I decided to become a therapist.

I took the entrance exams at once to several colleges and everywhere I got a positive ball. I chose the best option and started my education. It was very hard work to learn to become a doctor. Frankly, the thought of quitting all visited me several times during the particularly critical moments of my education, but I could not afford to give up. I remembered my goal.

Nothing has changed at the moment. Now I am preparing for the entrance exams to the university to finish my studies and in the future to get a doctor’s position and help people.


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