Amsco Chapter Six Notes Essay

Proclamation of Neutrality (1793) – issued by Washington that America too weak to join war, Jefferson disagreed and resigned from cabinet. Jay Treaty- John Jay tried to talk Britain out of searching American Merchant ships, agreed to leave U. S. Western frontier but not to stop taking ships, this angered Americans but kept their neutrality. Pinckney Treaty (1795)- Spain negotiated treaty and agreed to open Mississippi River and New Orleans to American trade Domestic Concerns-

Native Americans- Americans continued to settle as far west as the Ohio Valley and beyond, angered Indians posing treat of existence, British suppling them with arms and encouraged them to attack Americans, Battle of Timber Falls, Americans defeated Indians, Treaty of Greenville, Indians surrender claims in Ohio Territory Wisky Rebellion (1794)- farmers refused to pay taxes, Washington sent troops under Hamilton to show force, farmers backed down however, Jefferson gain popularity in farmers Washington Reelected (1789)

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Amsco Chapter Six Notes Essay
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Differences between Anti and Federalist Parties- Federalists: John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, central govern.

pro British, aid business, large landowners Democratic-Republicans: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, weak central govern.

pro-French, small army, favor agriculture, small farmers John Adams Presidency- federalist, Jefferson vice president

XYZ Affair- Americans still angry about attacks on ships, sent negotiator to France, spoke with French ministers X, Y and Z, angered Americans Adams still refused to join war Alien and Sedition Acts- federalists won majority in both houses, made laws to restrict anti-federalist power, Alien Acts- president get rid of any aliens considered dangerous in time of war, Sedition Act- made criticizing president or congress illegal Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions- revolt against alien and sedition acts made by Jefferson and Madison Election of 1800- swept federalists from power in executive and legislative branches of govern. nd Jefferson was elected president Peaceful Revolution- passing power of 1801, non violent movement from federalists to anti-federalists

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