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I need someone help to do the history exam here are topics for the exam.


Constitutional Convention                                                                            Texas Annexation

Virginia plan                                                                                                            Oregon Crisis

New Jersey Plan                                                                                                   Mexican-American War

The Great Compromise                                                                                    Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

Federalist Papers

Bill of Rights

Alexander Hamilton

Funding and Assumption

1st Bank of the United States

Doctrine of Implied Powers

Jeffersonian Republicans 

Hamiltonian Federalists

Origins of the 1st Party System

Jay’s Treaty

Whiskey rebellion

Quasi War

XYZ Affair

Alien and Sedition Acts

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

“Revolution” of 1800

Doctrine of Judicial Review

Louisiana Purchase

Embargo Act

Neutrality and Impressment Issues

War of 1812

Hartford Convention

Treaty of Ghent/Battle of New Orleans

Era of “Good Feelings”

Transcontinental Treaty (Adams Onis treaty)

Monroe Doctrine

2nd Bank of the United States

Missouri Compromise

“Corrupt Bargain” of 1825

Age of Jackson/Common Man

Rise of the 2nd Party System

Democrats v. Whigs

South Carolina Exposition

Bank War

Nullification Crisis

Specie Circular

Independent Treasury System

“Manifest Destiny”/Indian Removal

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