American Dream Institute Essay

You should have probably come across the concept of an American dream for at least once in your lifetime but what is really hidden behind this notion. Why do people get extremely obsessed with this idea? What is the American dream? To say it briefly, the American dream is all about personal success, freedom, responsibility, and possibilities. This represents the desire of millions of people to become successful in their jobs, to gain wealth and respect through constant efforts to finally achieve their goals.

It’s about a meaningful life plus accomplished dreams. Anyone can be granted these fundamental rights – race, religion, sex, orientation or political views don’t determine personal achievements. Everyone is being treated as equals.

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American Dream Institute Essay
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Regardless of who you are, where your family comes from, your social status, and neighborhood you are the master of your life who can achieve whatever wanted by working on it. Every person is given the same freedoms quarantined by the Constitution. We all have the freedom to act and express our thoughts despite any judgments.

We have the freedom of choice – you can do anything necessary to achieve your aims – you are also the person who will take responsibilities for these actions. Everyone has the sacred liberty to build their own lives according to their beliefs and principles. This is the amazing peculiarity of the American value system which attracts more and more people from different countries.

America has been known to be the land of opportunity for centuries. Immigrants of the past came here for a new start free of prejudices plus to be given the possibility of a decent, honest life. Even now people come to America in the pursuit of freedom and a better life. All of us are different in terms of mentality, views, perception, and background – what unites us is the desire to experience equal opportunities and ability to be in charge of our lives.

What really matters is our determination, ability to work hard, dedication to building the comfortable environment for ourselves. You can find this in America. Our society gives everyone the chance to become what they want to be, earn more plus develop professionally and personally.

Sometimes it may sound as if it was a Utopia, well, it’s not – it’s a long, tireless work. Of course, every man or woman has their own understanding of the American dream and values can differ greatly. The concept was created after the slavery was fought – people considered the personal freedom of every human being to be the most important thing in the world. Years passed, and the notion was transformed. Many people who got from the lower social class believe that this notion has always meant a financial success and stability, opportunity to live in their own house, have a decent salary and give their children a proper education. Nowadays, it’s more about personal success and achievements. It’s about overcoming obstacles and limitations on the way to fulfill our inner desires.

Some people got lost in this pursuit of happiness and wealth. There are many people who believe that this concept means only gaining more money and buying more belongings. In our modern time, excessive consumerism and commercial advertising are distorting the actual value of the American dream. We are encouraged not to concentrate our finances on health, comfort, education and rational spending. The modern idea is to show off your wealth and belongings – lavish apartments, expensive cars, fashionable clothes, and enviable vacations even if you can’t afford all of these. No one denies that money plays an important role in our life but not the primary one. We all know the expression “from rags to riches” which is an illustration of the whole concept, but material happiness is only the part, not always the crucial one, of a successful, healthy life.

The notion of the American dream has always been a trigger for personal growth and development. People are determined to pay a lot of efforts and time to fulfill their dreams plus achieve desirable aims. Being granted equal rights and possibilities, all of us can overcome any challenges on the way to our success. If we are truly yearning for something, then hard work, perseverance, and determination will make our American dream come true.

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