Almost famous describes William Miller journey as an enthusiastic Essay

Almost famous describes William Miller journey as an enthusiastic pop journalist. This movie shows how each step of the hero is represented, as well as how William change. William the main character in Cameron Croce movie “Almost Famous” Almost Famous (2000) is the drama of the real experience of writer/director Cameron Crowe as a rock band young rock journalist. The band that William tagged along with was Stillwater. William knew the names of the band members in San Diego and spoke by giving them perfect compliments when they were rushing to the arena one night at a concert.

William won the sympathy of the guitar player, Billy Crudup, and took William inside. Backstage, he met his instruction for this new world; the girl said that her name is Penny Lane. She wants to believe is not a hoe, she explains angry, but a band assistant. Of course, she is a groupie, but there are so many theories about her role, which is like a philosophical move to her sexuality.

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Almost famous describes William Miller journey as an enthusiastic Essay
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This movie is not only William Miller the main protagonist, but the contradiction of idealism and business was the time, the band and the early 1970s. The effect of Williams journey taken changed the way people views him,family,and view on life.

First is the way people views him. When anyone sees their favorite band and idols, everybody is always surprised by the fact that they go on to a great extent and leave them alone. It is strange to say, you have never been before or why do you want me? William Miller did not. There would have been no movies if it were not for William. William Miller is willing to deceive StillWater and tells them that he loves them, which leads him to a crazy trip with Stillwater. William has overgrown and learned something about himself. One of the most significant people that views William different is penny lane. In the far beginning of the movie where William was waiting outside of the door for the band, he meets Penny lane. William mistakes her as a groupie after he said that she got little upset and penny replied: ” we’re here because of the music we are band-aids.” Thus, justifying penny to be a groupie which sets the way she views him to be like everyone else. Throughout the movie, William has changed how penny looked at him towards the end where the scene what kind of beer scene. Penny Lane and William were arguing then William told penny that “for somebody told you to humble pie for 50 bucks in a case of beer I was there I was there.” It was a spit second penny started to cry and looked at William. How penny lane looked as she was crying just says the she realized or that as much as she believed it, or wanted to, or convinced herself, or lied to herself-her have to face the truth-the guy does not love you. Penny in her mind changed how she views William as she says, “what kind of beer.” She laughs at this looking at William knowing he is this caring guy different as to what she thought. Penny’s mind changed about William. Another person that looked at William different is Russell. From the beginning, Russell just thought William was just journalist that write about bands to ruin them. Russell even called rolling stone to deny everything William wrote the hatred. Towards the end, it changed when Russell accidentally went to Williams house by instead of Penny’s. Russell went in Williams room and explained he made it right he called rolling stone and said it was all true what William wrote. Russell then got a chair and finished William interview this not only says he understands William, but this says Russell likes William he thinks he is right and a good person and cares for William. Russell not being a skeptic of William in the beginning from trusting him at the end.

Second is family. William Miller is not mature anywhere in the corn belt, but he changed the way his mom looks at him during a complete 1970 rock and roll tour. As a guide to Crow, it captures the excitement, charm, and charm of rock music while giving meaning to the tense atmosphere of anxiety in this era. For anyone who recognizes it, the drop and hope of innocence are not so high. Later his dad died, William grew up in San Diego and was raised by her quirky and strong defensive mother Elaine. A great college teacher believes that youth is a marketing device and prohibits rock music as a direct connection to the confusion of sexual violence and dangerous drugs. Elaine was a huge rock and roll hater. Such a big one she would not allow music in their house like that one scene where she caught William sister sneaking a DVD in. Elaine view on William not only changed from her seeing him as this smart young boy to this man who follows his passion in rock and roll and towards the end, she really opens her heart to rock and roll. Example of this is where the Cleveland concert scene where she calls William and Russell takes the phone from William. Russell, his smart self, was trying to warm up to Elaine by complimenting her son but in a swift tone she said “your charm doesn’t work on me in on to you mister, of course, you like him he worships you, people, as long as he make you rich has a smart, good-hearted 15-year-old kid with infinite potential…” Elaine was getting upset but what I took out of that phone call is that she is losing upon the view of rock and roll and William she is looking at William as a man who can do his own thing.

Last is View on life. Almost famous is a prime example of changing one’s views is like altering the framework through which anyone sees life. Not only understanding and thinking about other aspects and growing through things is an important part of growing throughout one’s life. Williams Shifting ingrained view on rock and roll may be challenging, but if anyone take a holistic approach to think how William life and those of others around him did, anyone who has gone through what William has experience can change their view on life too. Williams position, and how he sought to see the world around himself and the tour changed his life. Imagine how Williams life could be if he never shifted his view. William is greedy for knowledge. Once he got the chance to consider the aspects on tour with Stillwater and what informs them, he followed his imagination how Williams life might be if he went on the tour with the band. This not only changed my view on my life, but it may have even encouraged Russell, his mom to find not just the benefits of changing the sights of life, but it have also altered them for the better good.

Nevertheless, “Almost Famous” by Cameron Crowe will be identified as my “How To” move with the old movies. I have probably seen the film one thousand times and will mention every line in the movie. Last October actuality I spent some time in San Diego for vacation, and I stumbled on some of these locations where this film was shot, including the famed “Band-Aids” incident. I thought right at home. But there are a lot of life examples in this movie, and the tour William did with Stillwater entirely changed the way people views him, his family, and view on life.

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