Alliant health system Essay

From my point of view no strategy is perfectly sound. There are some or other lacking points in every strategy. In case of alliants strategy, although they have made quite advancements but in last 5yrs they have hit a few unexpected obstacles and drawbacks that has staggered their progress. alliants were only been able to lay the base. The working of alliants was facing the problem of in cordiality to the total quality management philosophy.

For alliants to eliminate the problem the quality process still needs a jumpstart ,even the physicians show broader there view point, implementation of an IT system that fully supports total quality management by getting them the data and the important facts it need to have to in cooperate innovation in future in their organisation.

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Alliant health system Essay
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Even the CEO wolford said that he cannot talk about any one area which is doing substantially well than its competitors. alliants were finding a problem to get plans into implementation. Even as per the statistics the unable to monitor rate was around 2% to 70%.

How well have they implemented the quality strategy? Alliants thought of a new action plan to introduce total quality management with the help of quality management team with a 10 pointer action setup. This time they were determent that the implementation of plans takes up systematically. Mainly 4 area of TQM strategy were taken of well. 1) CARES+ – this process was implemented all across the alliants. This helped in shifting from the traditional system of the planning to the improvement of the quality which was highly efficient. 2) EQUIP- this was an idea to give voice to the employees.

They were allowed to share their point of view and give their ideas, innovations and communicate with the higher management of the organisation. 3) . Quality Improvement Teams- these teams brought the technicality and specific analytical tools to bring implementation in action. 4) . Critical Paths 3. Evaluate their information technology needs. Believed information technology (I/T) is a key in the future strength of TQM Need “expert systems – computers to help the mind” “Was a shift in focus: to patient-oriented systems rather than functional, “stove pipe” applications that met narrow departmental needs.

Physicians, clinical support professionals, and administrators could share information and drive continuous improvement in service “HELP offered advice on possible diagnoses, cost-effective treatments, resource scheduling, and drug contraindications. ” New I/T strategy offered significant advantages over Alliant’s existing patchwork of stand-alone systems: System worked concurrently – advice was available as patient was being treated Had the potential to improve coordination dramatically by collecting data from all corners of the hospital into a single patient-centered system 4. Would you proceed with HELP?

From my point of view, yes we should proceed with HELP. As this improving the quality, saving time and even the paper. This system has helped the hospital in making the whole organisation a one working unit. This is basically a single patient orient system that has all the information about every patient who has been admitted in any of their hospital in any other area. This has eliminated the repeated data and has been proved to be more productive, efficient and well organised. 5. What would you do to make sure implementation is successful? The steps which i would take will involve

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