All rappers always try hard to become successful Between all Essay

All rappers always try hard to become successful. Between all trap players, Lil

Baby has become one of the hottest trends as of 2019 according to an article I found on Rolling Stone by Charles Holmes (2019). A lot of rappers are successful and all have their own little taste that they enjoy and others do as well. However Lil Baby’s taste is my own favorite. Close Friends, fits into the whole, and to a lesser extent, fits into the primary genre Hip-Hop/Trap, because even though the song is about a relationship and two sad people, the ideology of trap is still integrated into it.

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All rappers always try hard to become successful Between all Essay
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Produced by Turbo who is a producer and mixing engineer from Atlanta, Georgia. He has worked with Lil Baby and other numerous artists such as Gunna, Young Thug, Chief Keef and Travis Scott. This song was dropped on October 5th, 2018 and is one of Lil Baby’s solo pieces with his project ‘Drip Too Hard’ including Gunna.

Lil Baby’s relationship with his partner, Jayda Cheaves a.k.a Amour Jayda, has seemed to have inspired this track. Jayda started off as friends and somehow along the way, ended up being together with Lil Baby for about two years.

“Just wipe your eyes and stop this cryin’ I told the truth that I’d been lyin’ I gave you racks, I tried to buy in, I even did the unthinkable and I’m sorry for what I did to you.” Lil Baby confessed on social media that he cheated on Jayda with his own son’s mother (an ex) at some point in April, 2018 but they have made up ever since. Next in his lyrics, “Keep our business to ourselves the Internet ain’t doing no help, I know I shouldn’t have never left but every thing I did for us.” Ever since Lil Baby started rapping, Jayda and him have been together for about 2 years. They met up because he kept dming Jayda on Instagram, and ever since then they had been talking. Jayda had mentioned on a source on an interview with Rolling Out that sometimes, social media and comments made their relationship complicated because there is no privacy. “We can delete pictures of each other, and its like, ‘Oh y’all broke up’ when really, we just want to get away from the internet, so people won’t be in our business, which he mentions in the song as well.” Jayda had announced that she was pregnant but neither, her or Lil Baby confirmed that he was the father even though people assumed. “Keep your business all apart if you can stay out of mine, bought a new Audemars but I done ran out of time. “ The luxury watch brand, Audemars or Audemars Piguet, which Lil Baby loves his AP watches that he has in most of his music videos. Though this line he is using the watch as a metaphor Jayda, and his relationship with her and whether or not she will forgive him and give him another chance. “Close Friends” seems to be the biggest song besides “Never Recover” since ‘Drip Too Harder’s’ release. The track has earned over 250,000 Genius page reviews and is so far one of the two tracks on the collection of songs that doesn’t feature Gunna, which most do. And so the turbo-song produced shows a reflection of Lil Baby’s rise and fall of a relationship that mirrors his own what he has been through with his girlfriend Jayda. In my opinion, the song breaks certain conventions of my genre and thereby expands its boundaries and possibilities all while still continuing to be a trap song. I only believe this because a lot of people have the idea that trap only talks about bad things and isn’t enjoyable because of that. So, my song breaks those assumptions and proves not all trap songs are bad.

In conclusion, the aspects I’ve really dug into – how trap is not only about violence and drugs, yet songs that don’t talk about those certain topics remain being trap because of the rhythms – is what makes Hip-Hop/Trap have good “taste.” Even though the song “Close Friends” talks about something better than what most trap songs talk about, it’s still trap, but just removes the stereotype of what trap song are supposed to talk about overall.

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