All of a sudden everything around us seems like turning into a Essay

All of a sudden, everything around us seems like turning into a computer, from mobile phones to televisions and cameras to doorbells. The smart devices are meant to make people smarter and to create ease for them. Despite all the plus points of a computer, many geniuses still don’t like computers. We often see people complaining about the excess use of computers and its excessive presence around us. We don’t really take notice of such complains and keeps enjoying the perks accumulated with the use of computers around us.

So what are downsides of computers that make geniuses hate them? There are some valid points that make them do so. Let’s have a look at them.

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All of a sudden everything around us seems like turning into a Essay
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Genius people are used to analyzing things from diverse angles. They not only see the advantages which are apparent but are prone to evaluate things in detail. Even at times, geniuses are criticized to not see the apparent fallouts and keep judging the ones that are somehow hidden.

So, they are quick to realize the downsides of new inventions which are usually overlooked by people in general. Computers are now everywhere and its use has extensively spread all around us. This gives a feeling of overwhelming rule over our heads. No geniuses would ever like to be overwhelmed by a machine. This is a factor that influences geniuses to hate computers.

Another major threat that genius people have about a computer is it increases their competitors. Computer and smart devices are undoubtedly making people smarter and teach them new things. With the use of a computer, people can easily learn new things and grasp over the skills that weren’t possible in the absence of computer technology. Every computer user keeps some knowledge and learns some skills which to some extent increase the competition for the geniuses in the society.

On the other hand, computers at the same are diminishing people’s capacities. It’s helpful for the people who want to learn new things but when people start depending completely on it, they start losing their true potentials. With the extensive use of this device in our lives— as it is nowadays—people do rely on it as an essential object their day-to-day lives. This dependency on the machine has shrunk the true capacities of the human mind. The maths that once used to be at our fingertips has now become dependent on a device. When we do this regularly, we tend to use less of our mind’s capability. When this habit become sturdier, our capabilities of mind shrink and we become used to not involve our mind completely in any problem-solving scenario. This extensive dependability on a machine is somehow declining human capacities and it is a major drawback of computers from a genius’s sight.

Along with the decline in mental health, the use of computer also is a threat to physical health. When you use a computer, you require sitting. You keep sitting all the time and d use a computer. This makes you less smart each day. Genius people are genius and this is why they know how things are impacting negatively on them. The excessive sitting can lead to many harmful illnesses and obesity is at the top of the list among them. Genius people either take care of their selves or not, they generally do know what is good and what is bad for their health. The increasing number of health risks is another factor that contributes to making geniuses hate computers.

Further, the inhumanness and fragility of computers are also a cause of hate for so many people including the geniuses. As the time is advancing, automatic intelligence and machinery are replacing humans and human capacities. People are becoming anti-social and do not need a friend any longer. This artificial companionship of human to machines has turned them into a machine-like-object. Their emotions are dried up and their sensitivity has declined.

Fast answers to a lot of our queries seem to be a great pleasure to our questioning selves, however, with the extensive use of this machine we have become used to rapid solutions, and thus our patience has decreased to very low. Along with it, our precious times are all occupied with computers. We are so much occupied with computers that in times of quests and complexities in other areas of life, where a computer isn’t available, we become exhausted and frustrated in a while. This has shortened our level of patience to realize that there are things that are still not in our reach. It has become very difficult for us to accept different realities. Genius people are factual and patient. They see things from different perspectives and this inability to be patient and factual has made them hate computers.

In general, genius people are markedly concern about their rights and their values. With the widespread use of computers, people are on the verge of their privacy risks which is a breach of human basic rights. If we see through the eyes of a genius, we can reflect upon so many causes that make them hate this extremely hyped machine.

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