Alignment Paper for Target Stores Essay

Value Alignment BUS475 June 29, 2011 Value Alignment In the analyzing of a specific business and the reflection of a business’s individual values is illustrated in Target’s organizations plans and action’s. The preparatory point of this paper will identify on several areas that will analyze the origin of the Target store and the sub sequential of its values in the workplace. Explaining how the individual values drive his or her actions and behaviors and analyzing the alignments between the actions, values and behaviors.

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Alignment Paper for Target Stores Essay
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Following that, which will be the analyzing of the degree of the alignment that, which Target’s stated values and Target’s actual plans and actions are defined. In addition to, the explanation of all the analyzed differences of his or her individual values and Target’s values as reflected by Target’s plans and actions will be expressed. In the lead above the many places one may go to obtain their everyday needs from pet supplies, to electronics are only a few stores that would come to mind first.

Among these top organizations is Target that, which is known for its prices, the services and the cleanliness, with a red sign as a logo that no-one, can mistake that, which is the Target bulls eye and this choice for shopping rises to the top of most consumers favorite destinations to shop. The existence of Target is pure, and to be the preferred shopping destination for all consumers and to appeal to all demographics is the drive for Target.

When viewing the Target website and researching what the mission statement conveys is to formulate Target as the preferred destination for their consumers and by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experience by enduring consistently is the rewarding of their “expect more pay less” brand promise (Target, 2011). Target was established to offer the consumers the best products at the best prices. Target is committed to its great value, to the community and to the nvironment. The goal of Target is to be known for its quality of goods, its core values, and the exceptional service that Target provides to their customers. In the retail industry competitors are constantly fighting for that top position and competition is good that, which adds some diversity to the mix. Unlike the other organizations in the industry Target has maintained their promise to provide customers with the most excellent service possible.

Upon entering the Target Super Store, one will be faced with bright lights and easy to navigate floor plans that, which consumers can discover themselves in a world of real good bargains and great quality merchandise. Target constantly has staff ready to help or answer any questions that, which may arise during ones shopping experience. Target is one Super Store that is living up to its core values and is on top of their mission to ensure its vision is at all times, to be demonstrated accurately and successfully executed.

The individual values and the decision-making process form a relationship with the corporate values of an organization. For Target this is important to analyze the dynamics of the contributed values in the corporation. In other words, values are ineluctable and very important for the conduct and decision making at the job. When observing at how the core values change by individual choices, it is imperative to understand the origins of a person’s morals that, which are primarily acquired from the family and their upbringing.

In addition it is critical to understand that an individual’s education and determined life experiences will affect them as well. Values are vital in any job and essentially so is the decision making process that, which is the primary objective, all decisions made in one way or another are in essence affected by the beliefs and values. Corporate values influence where a person works and more often provides an individual a tent to search for jobs in corporations that, which simply emulates some of the values he or she encourage.

Target stores have consistently developed a corporate culture leading to a continual call of innovation and a group of individuals that engage into the progress of the brand. The company values their employees as well as their customers and refers to them as team members instead of employees, team leaders, instead of supervisors and guests instead of customers. The company employee’s counts with a flexible corporate structure (that is called the upward mobility), which offers constant opportunities for promotions, allowing employees to develop and work within a geographic region.

In addition the Target Company has established themselves as one of the best on the pay scale. After careful researching Targets corporate values are important to point of fact that, which the company keeps their core values and has respect for their employees as well as their customers values that, which is essentially important to reach their genuine goals. Target’s corporate values include commitment to the community, diversity, environmental responsibility, and economic growth. Target’s corporate values align 100% with the organization’s plans and actions.

For example, Target’s charitable contributions are approximately three million per week. Target continually donates a percentage of its profits to the community and to charities since 1962. Target chose to contribute millions to community service programs and charities instead of allotting the money for its corporate image. Target chose not to cut back on its social responsibilities even during the retail recession. Furthermore, Target’s employees volunteer for numerous community projects in an effort to build a stronger community (Target, 2011).

In addition, Target possesses an unwavering stance on ethical standards, for example, Target promotes transparency of its organizational governance practices. Target solicits information from shareholders, other stakeholder, and non-governmental organizations in an effort to promote ethical behavior in the retail industry. Target refuses to conduct business with any organization that does not provide a safe or ethical work environment for its employees. In addition, Target promotes diversity and cultural differences and the practice that employment and promotions pertain on his or her work performance.

Target also promotes a work environment, which embraces creative individuals and surrounding for high performing teams to outrival the competition (Target, 2011). Target promotes environmental goals that are attainable such as promoting reusable shopping bags, installing recycling stations, and installing green roofs. In addition, Target uses energy efficient equipment, indigenous plants for landscaping and redevelops environmentally damaged properties. Furthermore, Target set strategies, which produced a 20% increase in dividend for its shareholders.

The strategies included expanding the customers’ choices of high valued low priced products, eliminating waste, and designing the stores for the convenience of its customers (Target, 2011). Target encourages employees to use critical thinking skills to solve customer problems. An example of this type of policy empowers employees to ring purchases under a certain dollar amount according to the stated price by the customer to avoid lengthy price checks. Consistency in store cleanliness, color, product placement, and service are highly regarded by the Target management.

The corporation seeks to provide assistance to the community in a variety of programs and Target leadership publicly has proclaimed this commitment by including it in the company vision statement, “To support the mission, the team is guided by the commitments to great value, to the community, diversity and to the environment. ” The organizational values are further reflected in the mission statement that, which includes a commitment to quality, service, and an exceptional shopping experience by each customer entering a Target store regardless of the store location (Target Corporation, 2011).

Target values are consistent and in alignment with individual values of the American middle-class consumer. The stores offer quality products at affordable prices in a clean, well maintained environment. Employees receive adequate training to offer a pleasant shopping experience with reduced checkout time. The store has a liberal return policy, offers sales and special promotions comparable to its competition, and strives to make a difference in the various communities the stores serve.

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