Alexander Hamilton Essay

There are four reasons why Alexander Hamilton argued in favor of the development of manufacturing. His first reason was that manufacturing would help the economy. The economy would grow financially and manufacturing would cause more trade. His second reason was that manufacturing would bring down tariffs, which would cause more trade and jobs. His third reason was that manufacturing would bring more immigration to the “Young America”. With the new population it will expand America and open more areas for trade.

His last reason was employment. Having manufacturing would create more jobs through farming and factories. Alexander Hamilton’s way of helping the United States Government was very wise.

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Alexander Hamilton Essay
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Hamilton reasoned that helping the Government would secure American independence. He thought that the United States needed to have a sound policy of encouraging the growth of manufacturing and at the same time he wanted to make sure that the United States’ future was still strong. He argued for the development of manufacturing because he believed that he could achieve the subsidies of the economy by giving away tariffs.

He thought that if the United States government gave high tariffs then no one would want to trade with the United States. He also believed that his polices would not only help trade but help other weaknesses of the economy such as employment and immigration.

These policies would not only promote the growth of manufacturing but provide diversified employment opportunities and promote immigration into the “Young America”. They would also expand the applications of technology and science for all quarters of the economy, including agriculture. The Industrial Revolution was the most important development during the 19th century. It brought many changes towards American Life. A new class of industrial engineers organized the land, labor, mineral resources, and capital of the nation, to maximize both the production and profit.

There were many new inventions in, transportation and communication, and in the use of the assembly-line techniques that made the growth of huge, nationally based industries with enormous financial and political influence. A group of small independent farmers, craft workers, and merchants became one big business for industrial centers. Immigrants and farmers alike poured into large industrial centers to compete for jobs.

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