Alcoholic Anonymous Essay

Alcoholic Anonymous has the implication of a fellowship whose membership is composed of both men as well as women sharing a common experience, their potential strength as well as hope amongst themselves, in an anticipation of resolving a problem of recovery or retreat from alcoholism to which they are addicted.

To fulfill the requirements for membership into the group, no financial contribution is required since the group is self supporting and sustained through the contributions that they make amongst themselves. The only requirement of a potential member is a history of addiction to alcohol and a strong desire to quit the drinking habit.

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Alcoholic Anonymous Essay
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The fellowship is not part of a particular sect, political group, institution, sect or any organization and avoids any form of involvement in controversial issues as well as the expression of the endorsement or the opposition of any cause. The main objective underlying the existence of the group is to lead a life of soberness as well as making efforts of assistance to other alcoholics interested in a life of soberness (Allen, 2000).

It was not until I visited the meeting organized by AA that I discovered the potentials underlying our ability to quit alcoholism. By visiting club 24 which accommodates around 400 members with sits arranged strategically to face the story teller, the first sign of welcome is coffee as well as several other snacks meant for self service, as one reads the posters displayed on the wall advocating against smoking, vanity language as well as a highlight of the 12 steps that are essential to follow in the process of quitting alcoholism.

The atmosphere outside is even more encouraging to meet the purposes of the meeting since there is a presence of a residential house for a family, a shopping centre, a school of an elementary level beautiful streets with buses of MBTA in operation, all serving the purpose of planting a negative altitude towards drinking especially after attending the meeting, since there is no bar around

Initially there is a sense of nervousness anxiety and lack of confidence as one thinks that the alcoholic weaknesses inherent in a new member are noticeable, but with the progress in the meeting a sense of self confidence is cultivated. The entire group is very cohesive and ready to cooperate in sharing ideas about past experience in alcoholism.

From the knowledge gained, redemption from alcoholism requires psychological curative measures. Most of the members had dented faces that indicate the agony underwent in their previous drinking habits to which they regret. In the group every member is a contributor of ideas and there is no bigger person than the other. For the purpose of comprehensive circulation of ideas members are organized in subgroups whose contribution is later shared among the entire group. The group meetings usually precede the entire meeting by the whole group.

            The highly noticeable issues in the meeting were the effects of alcoholism addiction including depression , degradation of the self worth of the individual, thinking as well as attempting to commit suicide  interdiction from the workplace leading to a breakdown of the family loss of family members through road accidents resulting from drunk driving, incidences of divorce as well as custodial sentences due to acts committed under the influence of alcohol, among many other undesirable actions as well as incidences.

The importance of the existence of the fellowship and the main of the meetings that are held is for the purposes of ending the stigma that an individual is a real alcoholic and the mental as well as the body resemblance to other individuals.

This situation is the basis of a drinking career bearing the characteristics of countless attempts but all in vain aimed at the justification of our potential drinking ability that is similar to that of others. For each existing abnormal drinker, there exists a great obsession idea about a day in the future that a control of the drinking habit will be achieved to the capacity of enjoying drinking (Johnson & Chappel, 2004).

 The meetings are responsible for the full concession of the fact of alcoholism as well as addiction to the deepest self of the individual as an important and primary step towards the process of recovery. At the same time the individual learns about the difference that is in existence in relation to other people.

All the alcoholics, both men as well as women usually their potential ability for the control of the drinking behavior and majority of the real alcoholics seldom recover the actual control. The alcoholics at times develop a feeling that recovery is on their way, and a sense of control has been regained.

However this situation are usually brief intervals that are latter followed by much less degree of control, a situation that makes the individual to express a sense of pity upon oneself as well as being demoralized to an incomprehensible degree. This leads to the notion that alcoholism status may progressively lead to the illness of the individual. The situation progresses towards the worse and never retreats to better (Bell, Montoya & Dayton, 2006).

Alcoholics resembles men whose legs have been chopped of which regrowth is an impossibility, just as a particular kind of treatment is never forthcoming. The experimental treatment though to reverse alcoholics and make them resemble the ordinally man with regard to the available approaches have not been fruitful. Some of the remedies that are imagined to work has brought temporary recovery that is later overtaken by a worse relapse.

It is the belief of the expert physicians that the addicted alcoholics cannot find a way out of the addiction irrespective of whatever kind of a physical treatment. It is only science that is thought to posses the potential for this liberation although no step has so far been made towards the achievement of the objective (Johnson & Chappel, 2004).

The unfortunate thing about the deep alcoholics is their tendency to deny that they are actually deeply sunk in this class, and only makes the efforts of exempting themselves through self deception as well as experimentation and therefore labeling themselves non- alcoholic. If for heavenly sake an addicted alcoholic can adopt the right way of drinking in a gentleman way, the blame would be off the individual.

For the purpose of the redemption from alcoholism, addicted alcoholics experiment on a variety of techniques. The commonly practiced ones include; drinking one brand of beer only, consumption of limited amount of drink, drinking in a company, avoiding early drinking, restricting drinking at home, absence of a drink inside the house, abstinence of drinking during the hours of active business, drinking only for the reason of an occasion, consumption of natural wine only, among so many others


It was evident from the facts arising in the meeting that majority of the alcoholics have suffers depression leading to attempts of suicide. Others had to use other drugs such as cocaine while others financed heavily some programs aimed at redemption from addiction.

The successful redemption from this condition is a result of self worth as well as self esteem the contribution of AA is of immense to the society for its role in the act of cleansing the people who have lost they worth and esteem, a condition that may lead to the death of the individual. The families that were torn apart due to alcoholism cherish the contribution of AA for the restoration of glory in their homes. The contribution of AA reveals the medical as well as the non medical cure for alcoholism.


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