Airborne Internet – Paper Essay

Airborne Internet is a concept that overlays computer network theory and principles into the transportation realm. The goal is to create information connectivity by providing a general purpose, multi-application data channel for people in transit. It is an approach to provide a general purpose high speed digital network to aviation. In doing so it has the potential to provide significant cost savings for aircrafts operators and the FAA, as it allows the consolidation of many functions into a common data channel.

Numerous applications can use the same data channel.

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Airborne Internet – Paper Essay
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It gets its name from the fact that it works like the real internet. AirborneInternetbeganasasupportingtechnologyfor NASA’s Small Aircrafts Transportation System. But there is no reason that A. I should be limited to SATS-class aircraft. All of aviation, and even transportation, has the potential to benefit from A. I. Airborne Internet provide a general purpose data channel that numerous applications can use. By combining application and data functionality over a common data channel, aviation has the potential to significantly reduce costs for equipage on the ground and in the aircraft.

The demand for Internet services is exploding and this creates a strong demand for broadband, high data rate service. It is expected that there will soon be a worldwide demand for Internet service in the hundreds of millions. The growth in use of the World Wide Web and electronic commerce will stimulate demand for broadband services.

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