After Twenty Years Essay

“After Twenty Years” by O. Henry, is a great story. It is about two men who are great friends; they schedule a meeting so they can meet after twenty years, hence the title of the story. This story illustrates that people change but that does not necessarily mean in a good way! I had many friends when i changed schools and none of the friends i had changed in a good way, they now smoke and dress inappropriately. “After Twenty Years” really grabs the reader’s attention and O.

Henry made a surprise ending that caused the story to end with a BANG! it truly was an amazing story.

Bob and Jimmy were great friends and scheduled an appointment to meet after twenty years in front of an old restaurant. BY the time the day comes, the restaurant is now a shop. Bob was waiting in front of the locked doors that night when a cop approaches him and right away, Bob explains why he is there to assure the cop its okay for him to be there.

To me, it seems a little suspicious to explain right away. The cop listens and planned to stay. Then he lights a cigar and the cop got glimpse of his face.

After hearing the story he walks away. Twenty minutes later, JImmy shows up. They go walking and talk about how Bob is wealthy and that he lives out West. Jimmy listens for a bout ten minutes then Bob notices his nose. “Twenty years is a long time but not long enough to change a Roman into a Pug.” He explains concerned. Then the under cover cop explains and hands him a note.

The note said, Bob, I was at the appointed place on time. when you lit the cigar i saw the face of a man wanted in Chicago, i knew i couldn’t arrest you myself so i sent and under cover officer, Jimmy. The ending really surprised me and it was a good story. My friends may have never robbed anything from the West but they were bad. Do you have anyone who changed? Perhaps yourself?

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