Advantage of social networking Essay

These social networking websites create an online community of Internet users, each offering different advantages of social networking to its many members. There are three common advantages of social networking and there are communication, up-to-date information and business opportunities. The first advantages of social networking site is that the people can communicate regardless of distance from each other at very low cost. Relationships among family, friends and relatives grew closer. With one click, they can share the latest news or commenting on pictures uploaded to their StudyMode.

om is the web’s profile. Finding new friends on site is also very easy compared to the leading learning tool. conventional method.

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Advantage of social networking Essay
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People with low self-esteem may make their friends We inspire millions of students through these social networking sites. When they interact with other people every day with over 1,600,000 through the internet, it becomes easier for shy people or those who have low model essays and papers, AP notes self-esteem since they don’t have to talk with people face to face.

They can share and learn about other countries culture, people lifestyle, places of and book notes. nterest and many more. However, people need to be extra be careful when they want to meet friends whom they know from social networking sites so that they will not be cheated or lead themselves into dangers. Related Essays Advantages of social networks Having a social network accounts is a must for everyone because it can … Robert Patton ENG110, Professor Silvey 30 September 2011 The Disadvantages of Social Netw ork… spread information quickly. For example, you can now get live traffic 6 Pages October 2011 information updates using the popular micro-blogging site Twitter.

This Social networks service will let you know of any major traffic incidents, along with timely … Social Netw orks Facebook, Tw itter, and LinkedIn are just a few examples of some the major… information to help you on your way efficiently. More people get their news 5 Pages April 2012 from the social network than from newspapers or radio. People share links to latest world news or sports events by e-mail, post articles on their Facebook and other… [continues] thesis. social networks … CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Technology has brought great change.

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