Advantage and Disadvantage of Bureaucracy Essay

-Clear division of work with boundaries to responsibilities. -Formal (written) rules and procedures resulting in predictability and reutilization. -A well-defined hierarchy of authority.

-Appointments to posts based on technical competence.

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Bureaucracy Essay
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-Formal (written) documentation of actions and decisions. -Bureaucratic control’ system is a strategic was based around internal labor market and the winning of employee commitment through the prospect of long term career advancement includes job security, pension packages and Training & development.

– Bureaucracies helped HRM in recruitment, performance appraisal, and other systems.

-A bureaucratic system brings to the overall running and efficiency of a business and its employees. In a bureaucracy each employee of the organization knows precisely what their duties are within the organization, and therefore many tasks will be performed a lot quicker and more efficiently. The clear-cut rules set by bureaucratic systems also enable the organization. The disadvantage of bureaucracy:

-Emphasis on control can prompt rigidity of behavior and defensive routines . Division of task and responsibility can elevate departmental goals above whole system , resulting in sub-optimizing behavior.

Minimal acceptable standards can become transformed into targets and behavioral norms . Rules and procedures can become ends in themselves. A bureaucracy was used to command and control.

– One important strand in the driver against bureaucracy has been the ideological shift which urged the primacy of the market. -There is a shift from internal labor market techniques to external methods. – Throughout the world, many large companies are still bureaucracies. The primacies of the market along with de-regulations have put pressure on large companies

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