Advanced Financial Management

  1. Students can form study groups to complete this assignment.
  • A group can have a maximum of four members (1, 2 or 3 are also OK).
  • A group of oneis allowed (if you prefer submitting an individual assignment).
  • No mark will be awarded if the group has more than four members.
  1. The cover page of the assignment should include names and student IDs of ALL group members.
  2. NO names can be added to a submitted assignment.
  3. Each study group should hand in a single finished assignment. Everyone in the group gets the same mark.
  4. No late submission will be accepted.Group break-up will not be accepted as an excuse for late submission.

All supporting work and analysis should be presented in clearly numbered appendices, where the appendix number corresponds to the question number. Your answer in the main text should be supported by numbers, facts from the supporting work and analysis, or strong economic arguments, marks will be deducted if appendices are missing……

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Advanced Financial Management
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