Activity Essay

Another strength of mine is knowing my audience. When reading to say an older crowd they probably wouldn’t like a lot of loud sound effects like a fire truck or a police car. When reading to a younger crowd say for example “the car came to a screeching holt” making a sound of a car coming to a sudden stop would not be bad at all and It will keep your young listeners entertained.

Critical thinking can be a hard concept to grasp because your just not letting your pen or pencil flow freely you have to think and analyze your answer.

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Activity Essay
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One of my strengths in critical thinking is to be able to take notes while reading so when it comes to the questions at the end I can tell myself that the answer is in my notes somewhere so I know I should find it. A weakness of mine is that I get lazy and I wont turn back to my notes to actually find the answer I might just fill in whatever I feel is correct.

Another one of my weaknesses is sometimes I may not read the question all the way through and because of that I wont get the exact answer that I need and I wind up not caring anymore. The writing process in my opinion is the most important part of writing without it your paper would probably make no sense and have a lot of mistakes. Strength of mine in the writing process is that I like to plan my writing carefully before just jumping into a paper.

A weakness in this area is that I hate the revising and editing portion and I know its something that I need to work on if I want to have a great paper. Another strength is when I write the paper I try to get it exactly how I want it the 1st time so the second time through I just have to add a couple words or periods here or there. Spelling and grammar everyone’s favorite part of a paper without it nobody would ever understand what you were trying to say.

If you leave your paper with a lot of sentence fragments and run-ons nobody will bother to pick up anything you have written. Strength of mine in this area is I typically read over a sentence aloud twice to make sure it makes sense and it’s not a run-on. A weakness of mine is that I am not a very good speller without word and spell check all my teachers would probably look at me like I was crazy and its something that I have got to work on.

Another weakness is sometimes I may forget a comma or a period or put a period where a question mark should go and if you give that paper to a newspaper or magazine they will hand it right back to you. Writing has a lot of components and some of the most important ones are rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, reading and writing; writing processes; and knowledge of conventions. Even though every one has there own strengths and weaknesses you can always get your strengths stronger and your weaknesses stronger also.

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