Action Research Essay

The English Language dominates a higher prestige in the Philippines just as it enjoys a higher part in the Philippine Education System. Thus, authentic English Language teaching and learning environment should be given a full blast attention naturally and effectively. In this age of globalization, where society is being transformed and is transformed by technology, so too are innovative ways in teaching and learning the English subject. It should be noted that as time flies, the number of Filipino English Language Learners has rapidly increased.

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Action Research Essay
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These learners are full of hopes and dreams to learn the language of the world that every English subject is accountable for. Yet, he/she needs not to be idealist to expect that by the end of the academic year, learners will be great English speakers, readers, spellers, writers and listeners. There may be some variables that may hamper the learning process however this should not block the goal of English teacher to bring the English language in the open.

Furthermore, the spread of English as instructional language and the emergence of technology as a fast learning channel should be mutually enforced.

Indeed, technology has revolutionized the teaching of the English subject, as the last few decades have affirmed the role of English as “Lingua Franca” which means any language for communication between groups who no other common language (Matthew, 2009) from this context, the researcher takes the challenge to lead an action in finding out the most effective way to create a better if not the best intervention material in teaching English subject so as to improve the performance of the students. MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY is the answer.

The researcher believes that the ability to incorporate educational opportunities that multimedia technology promises will tremendously be the key ingredients in making it possible for English Teachers to address core educational challenge. Moreover, multimedia technology is utilized for the upliftment of modern styles. It somehow satisfies both visual and auditory sense of the students. With the spread and development of English around the world, it has been learned and used by more and more learners.

Nonetheless, multimedia technology applies interactive computer elements such as graphics, text, video, sound and animation to deliver a message. On the wings of change the use of multimedia technology should be a must for English teachers because in using such, pictures and images enrich the content of the subject matter. Through the whole interactive process, it can be visibly experienced that using multimedia is effective in nurturing students in learning the English subject at the same time enhances the teacher’s interest in teaching English.

As Zhang (2010) points out, multimedia offers students rich resource materials-both authentic and instructional as well as attractive and friendly interface, vivid pictures, pleasant sounds which to a large extent overcomes the lack of authentic language environment and arouses students intense in learning the English subject. By far English teachers should already give walls to traditional teaching as it only gives the class monotony and boredom. They should try something new and different, something that captivates pupils’ attention and interest and that is MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY.

Come to think of this, traditional English teaching allows the teacher spend time on writing the vital language points and important information on the chalkboard. While, with the use of MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY, the class becomes more attentive, more active and the teacher just uses the button and keyboard to show significant content in a few seconds. Moreover with the same courseware, the English teacher does not need to write some notes several times in different classes, hence saving time and energy.

The researcher observes that pupils tend to be preoccupied with things not connected with the English subject, thus affecting their performance. Nonetheless, the pupils lack learning competencies especially in their grammar skills, noting details, sequencing events, and getting the main idea from a selection being read. Hence, MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY is highly suggested as it increases students motivation to learn. (WanZek et. Al. 2008). With the above literature, the researcher aims to find out the effectivity of multimedia technology in improving the performance of Grade Six section 5 pupils of Mandaluyong Elementary School.

Statement of the Problem This action research seeks to find out the effectiveness of multimedia technology as an intervention tool in improving the performance of Grade Six-5 pupils of Mandaluyong Elementary School. Specifically, the study aims to answer the following questions: 1. What is the extent of performance of Grade Six section 5 pupils before and after the use of multimedia technology? 2. Is there a significant difference between the extent of performance of Grade Six section 8 pupils in their English class before and after the use of multimedia technology?

Significance of the Study The primordial objective of this study is to provide complete, balanced and modern concepts on the effective use of multimedia technology. Essentially, the researcher believes that result of this study will be significant to the following people: To the Pupils – they will be the direct recipients of the study, they will be more enthusiastic in the English subject upon experiencing multimedia technology in the classroom.

To the English Teachers – they will have a better understanding on the use of multimedia technology thus enabling them to adopt such tool thereby improving their skills and strategies in teaching English. To the School Administrators – this study will be of great help as it will create a milleu of awareness about multimedia technology so that they can assist their teachers on the modern teaching of thupplement classroom activities. e English subject.

To the Future Researchers – this will serve as a springboard for further research activities on the use of multimedia technology with the purpose of using it to s Conceptual Framework The use of multimedia technology is one effective tool in teaching English. It has to be affirmed that it really enhances pupils comprehension on the subject matter thus improving their performance. Expert and scholars say that multimedia assisted instruction certainly improve learning motivation and attention of learners increases interactivity, satisfies individualized demand and monitors the learning condition of the learner.

The researcher will make use of a flow chart that will serve as his road map in coming out with the desired result. It will describe how he will introduce the use of multimedia technology as an intervention material in improving the performance of students in English. The flow chart shows how the result of pre-test will serve as a guiding factor for the researcher to think of the multimedia technology. From this, the improved performance of the pupils should be visibly reflected in their post test. Figure 1 shows the conceptual framework of the study.

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