Act of Kindness Essay

On December 19, 2007, I experienced firsthand how one random act of kindness could touch my heart, ease my fears and leave me with a renewed faith in mankind. We lived in the central part of Maine. It was still winter at this time and it was freezing. The temperature well below zero. I lived with my mother and my brother in a big white farm house on a large amount of land. We had it rough quite a bit when we were younger so we were very great full for what we received.

When I was eleven years of age I always believed in generosity and goodwill. My mother always taught me to always help the hand that needs before the greedy hand that wants.

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Act of Kindness Essay
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I always watched silently when I saw my mom get someone a hot chocolate when they were cold outside, or buy someone a pair of gloves just because we drove by them on the street. I admired her love for people and her selflessness she wore proudly as the smile on her face.

I always wanted to grow up with that light everlasting feeling of humbleness and peace my family showed they had. So as I progressively got older, I stayed “true to myself” as my mother always repeated and never purposely hurt anyone or anything. We were driving down a main road in Bangor, Maine one day when we passed a sign asking for volunteers to work in the soup kitchen.

As everyone should know, a soup kitchen is for the less fortunate of people who need some sustenance which they cannot afford. So, my mom seeing this sign right away, made a mental note to call this place. Some time passed and my mother was working at the soup kitchen for five days a week. I would joke to her about getting her a nobel peace prize but she always replied with a smile. She would tell me someone else deserved it way more then she did. She always believed herself as being someone who gives as much as she is asked by her savior Jesus Christ. My mother had a busy streak with her two jobs so I needed something to pass my time.

Instead of the useless video games and television shows that melt your brain. I decided to spend my time at the soup kitchen to help the needy. Not telling my mom, I woke up early one frosty cold morning and got dressed. My older brother gave me a ride to the soup kitchen and helped me meet the wonderful people who helped others. He stayed for a bit to monitor the people and the building, then left me to do my duties. I straightened my back, and tried to smile. I was scared, but I wanted to help like my mother helped anyone and everyone. I put on some gloves, an apron, and took my place at a soup pot.

With ladle in hand, my first customer approached. He was an elderly man of maybe his seventies, he handed me his bowl and said good morning to me as if nothing could ever be wrong. I smiled back at him, shook his hand and gave him his soup. He was happy, and moved on, another citizen came up and I did the same. As I was doing this over and over for 4 hours, my heart became light, my smile became bigger. I felt what I always saw my mother feeling. Happiness, joy and peace. I then realized this act of kindness I have done on that day, made me realize how much the world is not only bad. But, good and loving to those who deserve it the most.

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