Academic Background I have completed my undergraduate studies Essay

Academic Background: I have completed my undergraduate studies in Economics from “Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in 1st June 2018, with CWA of 71.11. I was an active somehow indulgent in many curricular and co-curricular activities. In fact, I was honored with the best class representative for 2017-2018 academic year. I remain very competent by securing the second best female student in my class. I did my final year thesis project on “Does government debt promote economic growth?” with the group of six members in which I was made the Assistant Group Leader.

My thesis has been published and it is currently the thesis that has used current data for their estimation in Ghana. While working on this project I learnt that government debt burdens future generations as projected income flows are diverted to service the debt. However, government borrowing could have a positive impact on the economy if the government encourages gross domestic savings and removes barriers to trade in the country.

At present, I am working at The Office of the Vice President of Ghana as a Secretary to the Head of Business and Investments Development. I have worked alongside her to implement a paperless port system at the country’s two harbors. This system, to which I have made research and logistics contributions, has greatly streamlined the customs clearance process. In the past, importers took an average of three weeks to navigate customs. Today, thanks to the paperless reforms, it takes them a mere four hours. The savings in terms of time and the cost of doing business have been a boon for Ghanaian traders and consumers. Government coffers have also seen positive results. The Ghana Revenue Authority estimates a 30 percent increase in import revenue thanks to the new system.

My Personality: In my personal life, as in professional affairs, I am driven by a strong desire to give back to my community. I believe that the true meaning of life lies in giving happiness to others while pursuing my ambitions. In keeping with this spirit, I have volunteered extensively to tutor students on how to establish and manage their own small businesses. I hope that my efforts would encourage more of these young people to choose entrepreneurship as an answer to the problem of youth unemployment plaguing the country.

Study Plain in Canada: I would like to apply for the Master’s degree in Economics in Canada because of my

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